What You Need When Planning Your Pipe Storage Systems


If you run one of the drill pipe inspection companies in your region, you’re going to need pipe fitting storage systems. These storage systems can hold all of your pipes and keep them all protected. According to statista.com, the global demand for crude oil is projected to increase to 96.5 million barrels per day in 2021. This may mean that you need a lot more storage. How do you go about planning these pipe storage systems?

What Are You Storing?

First, you need to figure out what you are storing in your pipe storage systems. What kind of pipes do you have? What are the lengths and widths of each? How many do you have? Do you want them to be stored in a particular order? Do you already have pipe end protectors and pipe thread protectors that will help keep your pipes safe? All of these questions can help you figure out what you need out of your pipe storage systems.

What is the Measurement of the Storage Racks You Need?

When you’re storing heavy materials such as drill pipes, you want to get the most durable and secure storage racks you can find. These will help keep your pipes protected. Asking yourself all of the questions previously mentioned can help you figure out how large your racks need to be. There are different types of storage racks that you can choose from, including those that will allow you to fasten your pipes to be fastened in place and others that support the pipes without having to be fastened down. This is all up to you when deciding what is best for your company and your drilling projects.

What Can I Add to the Pipes to Keep Them Safer?

Bumper rings, pipe chocks, and thread protectors are all great additional items that can protect your pipes.

  • Bumper Rings: These are thin rings that fit around the outside of the pipe at both ends and in the middle to keep the pipes from bumping into each other.
  • Pipe Chocks: These are pyramid-shaped wedges that can be placed underneath a pipe on either side. These can be placed throughout the pipe stack to hold all of them in place.
  • Thread Protectors: These are fitted to the ends of pipes and they protect the metal threads from wear and tear. They also protect corrosion, ensuring the pipes remain functional through severe weather conditions and temperatures your region might endure.

Why Are Pipe Storage Systems Important?

Pipe storage systems can keep your drilling pipes safe and secure in one place. The racks you choose will keep all of your pipes from becoming damaged and prevent corrosion. This can be very beneficial to your business, so you must choose the right storage system.

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