Who Uses Pipe Protection Products?


Pipe protection comes in many shapes and sizes dependent on the specific needs of the purchaser. Organizations from around the world rely on pipe protection products to move tubular assets from one site to another and to aid in the safe and accurate handling of tubulars on a job site.  If you are new to tubular asset protection offerings you may be asking: Who uses pipe protection products?

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Organizations Who Want to Protect Their Tubular Investments

Organizations that rely on tubulars to do business generally consider it to be one of their most vital assets.  Not only is the pipe necessary to perform work, but it is also usually one of the biggest investments the company will make.  Protecting the pipe while it is stored, transported, and even moved into place on a worksite is important.  When pipe is damaged it can be costly not only to replace it, but the downtime that is suffered can be costly as well.

Organizations who want to protect their tubular investment will often invest in a variety of pipe protection products including but not limited to:

Organizations Who Want to Protect Their People

While pipe is often the most obvious asset to protect, most organizations also invest in pipe protection because they want to protect their people, too.  The people who work with the pipe while transporting it and while handling it on the job sites can be injured if they do not have the proper tools to handle, store, and move the pipe.  Without people on the job sites, a job cannot get done. Therefore, protecting people is as important as protecting pipe.

Organizations who want to protect their people often invest in the pipe protection mentioned above as well as:

Of course, all of the pipe protection products can be used together to provide the best protection of both people and pipe.  Consistently using all applicable protection products will result in the best all-around protection of all assets.

MSI Wants to Help You Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Are you ready to start protecting your people and your pipe?  MSI is sure to have the high-quality pipe protection products that will help you store, transport, and handle your pipe in a manner that will preserve the integrity of your pipe and keep your people safe.  For more than 40 years our systematic approach to pipe protection has been helping organizations like yours.  Feel free to contact us today for more information! We look forward to doing business with you!


MSI is your partner in pipe protection.

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