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Global Capacity to Meet Local Demands

At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we’re everywhere you are. From our global headquarters in Houston, Texas, to manufacturing and distribution facilities in Veracruz Mexico, Leduc Alberta Canada, and Aberdeen Scotland, we’re happy to serve as your global leader in pipe protection, oilfield products, and tubular handling and storage equipment.

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Price Is What You Pay.
Quality & Value Is What You Invest In.

For many companies, there is the perception that thread protectors and other pipe protection products are just “mere commodities”. As a result, there’s a tendency to purchase cheaper protectors to save on cost.  However, those same companies also increase their potential liability when they use pipe protectors that aren’t the best quality.

With MSI, you don’t have to take chances with protective products that damage pipe, cause delays, and fail to effectively protect your bottom line. It’s time to invest in the quality you deserve.

Keep Your Operations Profitable

The profitability of your company depends on several key factors that not only impact your bottom line, but also the vendors you choose to partner with. With MSI, there are great opportunities for companies like yours to maintain profitability while investing in the integrity of quality pipe protection products.

Discover how profitable your operations can be with MSI.

Rigs Around the World & Oil Prices

Worldwide Usage of MSI Products

Check the latest stats, data, and vital resource information on oil rig counts around the world.

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Supporting your business with a global capacity to deliver, backed by over three decades of proven service excellence.

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