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Thread Protectors


MSI's Thread Protectors Protect Your Bottom Line

Since 1980, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has been privileged to design the most comprehensive range of thread protectors and pipe protection products that devotedly serve customers in the industry of oil and gas. We design and create products that protect both API and premium thread connections and are proud to offer only the best and highest assurance in pipe protection.

Thread Protection That’s Always Durable, Reliable, & Safe

When it comes to protecting your pipe and thread connections, MSI knows that you don’t want to gamble on chance. We’re committed to ensuring that our customers know that they can always trust in MSI for products that are consistently durable, reliable, and safe.

Freely browse our site and get to know our expansive line of thread protectors. From the independently tested and fully plastic API 5CT, 10th ed. compliant line of MAXX®, to the completely equipped protection of our drill pipe protectors, and everything in-between, MSI truly has you covered.

Custom Thread Protection

Custom Thread Protection – When One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We understand that sometimes your thread protection needs do not fit into the scope of our existing products, and that’s OK. We have taken our services a step further, offering you the best in custom thread protection.  Our capabilities extend to the manufacturing of proprietary and custom injection-molded products, which can be designed to your exact specifications.

We specialize in producing high-performance thread protection from a proprietary blend of resin, built for durability and reliability. Our large-capacity presses are equipped with state-of-the-art controls such as the use of removal robotics for cycle consistency. 

If you can’t find exactly what you need, let us take a look at your project needs and see if we can help find a customized, protection solution for you.

Need More Information?

Thread Protectors

Protecting your drill pipe with both plastic and steel designs

Durable non-threaded protection for plain and beveled ends

Offering extra heavy-duty thread protection for tubing and casing

Designed specifically to be API 5CT, Annex I compliant

Highest-quality plastic and steel composite protection

Highest-quality plastic and steel composite protection

Ultimate cap and plug protection for sucker rod ends

Provides economical and basic environmental thread protection

Canada’s top solution for durable environmental thread protection

Offering heavy duty tubing and casing protection

Ultimate thread protection for premium connections

Pipe Storage & Handling

For tubular pipe separation and safety applications

Ideal protection and stability during pipe transport and storage

For effective, safe, and secure bundling applications

Offering unmatched safety in tubular pipe handling

Pipe Accessories

Top-quality tools for pipe lifting

Superlative pipe make-up with heavy-duty and standard options

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