Product and Service Quality


What Quality Looks Like at MSI

At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we never take product or service quality for granted. In fact, in all aspects of our products and service, maintaining a high standard of quality is of utmost importance.  All employees are actively encouraged to participate in process improvement programs where their contribution to the company quality policy is recognized.  Our customers have come to expect the reliability they receive when they purchase MSI products and the peace-of-mind in knowing that we back our products with outstanding service and high quality.

Within our commitment to helping you deliver, is a clear understanding of your needs as a customer, the integration of risk-based thinking into our business processes, and our continued compliance with ISO 9001:2015.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has been ISO 9001 certified since 1997. When it comes to manufacturing quality products, we maintain these requirements for an exceptional quality management system, in every process. We regularly strive for continuous improvement throughout our entire organization by providing our employees with the proper training, tools, and information to enhance MSI’s quality of both our products and our service. Our products are designed to meet all relevant standards for drill pipe inspection companies, helping you elevate the level of quality and reliability at your drill sites.

The MSI Pipe Protection Technologies Standard of Performance

  • Industry and custom design excellence
  • High volume production capacity
  • On-time delivery
  • Unbeatable service levels
  • Proven in-field results

Quality of Service

At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we want you to know that we treat service quality, just as high as product quality.  Our exceptional customer service can be seen throughout the entire organization from your first point of contact during the quoting or product selection phase, to the timely delivery of our products at your door.  Whether you need to inquire about which of our pipe protection products best would meet your unique project needs, or to place a routine re-order, we are here to give you the same level of accuracy and consideration you have come to expect from other OCTG supply companies.  Our mission is simple; to help you deliver. 

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Thread Protectors

Protecting your drill pipe with both plastic and steel designs

Durable non-threaded protection for plain and beveled ends

Offering extra heavy-duty thread protection for tubing and casing

Designed specifically to be API 5CT, Annex I compliant

Highest-quality plastic and steel composite protection

Highest-quality plastic and steel composite protection

Ultimate cap and plug protection for sucker rod ends

Provides economical and basic environmental thread protection

Canada’s top solution for durable environmental thread protection

Offering heavy duty tubing and casing protection

Ultimate thread protection for premium connections

Pipe Storage & Handling

For tubular pipe separation and safety applications

Ideal protection and stability during pipe transport and storage

For effective, safe, and secure bundling applications

Offering unmatched safety in tubular pipe handling

Pipe Accessories

Top-quality tools for pipe lifting

Superlative pipe make-up with heavy-duty and standard options

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