Titan Delivers Thread Protection Excellence and Value

When you require a tough protector to ensure your threads remain unharmed during transportation and rough weather conditions, MSI’s Titan thread protector is the best choice.  Backed by decades of proof, Titan’s rugged construction provides superior thread protection, and its durability makes it the best value in thread protectors on the market today.

Considered to be our first level in heavy-duty thread protection, Titan delivers unrivaled endurance and is a sensible option for long-term storage.  The precise fit delivers superior engagement and ensures your threads are safeguarded against corrosion and impact in non-extreme conditions. The Titan line of protectors is meant to handle protection from some of the most common occurrences in pipe handling and thread protection.  By making it your top choice, you can rely on the long-term benefits that come with each protector.

Titan Pipe Protectors

Expertly and Thoughtfully Designed

By keeping you in mind, MSI ensures that our Titan line has been designed to give you a complete protection experience from installation to removal. Designed in both recessed and non-recessed versions, the Titan is considered tool-ready. 

Complete with safety features including a thicker pad height and 4 molded notches, Titan protectors are a perfect choice when incorporating the use of installation and removal equipment including any of our skillfully constructed installation tools.


Titan Features and Benefits

  • Heavy-duty thread protection
  • Maximum corrosion protection
  • Ideal for long-term coverage and non-extreme transportation
  • Casing sizes available in closed-end liftable and non-liftable
  • Available for most API applications
  • Fully plastic
  • 100% recyclable

Titan Applications

  • Tubing: 2-3/8″ through 3-1/2″ EUE (NUE pins only)
  • Casing: 4-1/2″ through 13-3/8″; all API thread types

Need More Information?

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