Discontinuing Raptor Pipe Packaging Frames™

Continuing to Offer Superior Protection

Changing Out Raptor™ Pipe Packaging Frames

Allowing MSI Pipe Protection Technologies to be your trusted supplier, ensures we stand by our guarantee of quality assurance to our valued customers on all our products and services. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your OCTG and other operations equipment remain secured and protected at all times. Whether you are transporting, storing, or handling tubulars, we always have you covered and keep your assets safeguarded and ready for use when you need them.

In recent years, our customers have expressed their deep appreciation for the superior handling system solution that our Rhino™ Tubular Handling Systems offer. In response to the steadfast customer loyalty and support for the Rhino’s longevity and performance, MSI has decided to discontinue our Raptor™ Pipe Packaging Frames. Overall, we want to continue offering more superior protection that helps you deliver. Discover the various benefits of our tubular handling systems below.

raptor and rhino tubular handling systems

From Raptor™ to Rhino™ Tubular Handling Systems

Since 1980, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has offered our Rhino Tubular Handling Systems, and our customers have remained loyal to their use. In fact, many of our handling systems manufactured around that time are still in use today. As it stands, Rhino Tubular Handling Systems have proven themselves through the years to be one of our most reliable safety product lines; and they continue to offer the superior protection our clients need.

Here are just a few ways Rhino is superior to Raptor:

  • Longevity – Our Rhino systems are still in use almost 40 years after manufacturing.
  • Lifting Capacity – Rhino has a much higher load capacity than Raptor and can be lifted by slings.
  • Lifting Flexibility – Operators can use cranes to lift Rhinos off of docks and onto ships, etc.
    • Raptors were limited only to forklift use. The packaging frame system was designed only to bundle and stack pipe and for minimal forklift lifting.
    • Also, with the Raptors, operators could only lift by the pipe itself while in the packaging frame, not by the actual system.
  • Financial Flexibility – With Rhino systems, we also offer equipment rental options for customers who may not need to purchase the entire system for one-time operations or usage for limited timeframes.

Pipe Handling Best Practices and Safety Recommendations:

When working with bundles of pipe and heavy equipment, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and work safely using care and caution. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is committed to upholding safety standards and best practices. Below are a few things to keep in mind when moving and handling bundles of pipe and heavy equipment:

  • Any personnel lifting or using pipe storage equipment should be competent and/or certified in its use
  • When handling pipe, safety gear such as steel-toed boots, gloves, and hard hats should be worn
  • Forklifts, cranes, and hoists used to remove materials from handling systems should be load-rated, and limits should be displayed in a prominent location
  • Lifting tools such as slings, hooks, chains, spreader bars, and clamps should also be of a load rating that is sufficient for the task

For immediate assistance, freely contact us toll-free at 1-877-276-9208.

Thread Protectors

Protecting your drill pipe with both plastic and steel designs

Durable non-threaded protection for plain and beveled ends

Offering extra heavy-duty thread protection for tubing and casing

Designed specifically to be API 5CT, Annex I compliant

Highest-quality plastic and steel composite protection

Highest-quality plastic and steel composite protection

Ultimate cap and plug protection for sucker rod ends

Provides economical and basic environmental thread protection

Canada’s top solution for durable environmental thread protection

Offering heavy duty tubing and casing protection

Ultimate thread protection for premium connections

Pipe Storage & Handling

For tubular pipe separation and safety applications

Ideal protection and stability during pipe transport and storage

For effective, safe, and secure bundling applications

Offering unmatched safety in tubular pipe handling

Pipe Accessories

Top-quality tools for pipe lifting

Superlative pipe make-up with heavy-duty and standard options

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