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Your Global Leader in OCTG, Drill Pipe, and Line Pipe Protection Products

At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we offer thread and pipe protection products with a unique, built-in bonus: peace of mind. We utilize the most up-to-date and technologically advanced injection molding and CNC equipment in the industry. Our materials range from proprietary resins to various types of steel. We specialize in manufacturing high-performance API, premium, and custom thread protection for a complete range of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), drill pipe, and line pipe applications.

As your industry leader, MSI is proud to offer you the most comprehensive range of thread and pipe protection products available in the market.  As always, we ensure that every product is made with the highest quality, reliability, and functionality in mind while also consistently meeting stringent API requirements.

So how do we help you deliver?  By offering you the highest quality products, on time, and ensuring that you meet your deadlines; to put it simply, we value what you value.

Conveniently Providing Products Around the World

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies recognizes that different regions have different pipe protection needs; depending on factors like transportation and climate, what works in one area may not be suitable for another.  When operating with different regional and country requirements, it’s important to have outstanding service from someone who knows your area. MSI is the service provider you can maintain confidence and trust in, and we are able to meet global demand while also ensuring adherence to the latest industry standards and adoption of the newest technology. 

This is why we have extended our reach to include our 4 manufacturing facilities, as well as an ever-expanding distribution network.  So, no matter where you are, we have the means to help you deliver.

Thread Protectors

Protecting your drill pipe with both plastic and steel designs

Durable non-threaded protection for plain and beveled ends

Offering extra heavy-duty thread protection for tubing and casing

Designed specifically to be API 5CT, Annex I compliant

Highest-quality plastic and steel composite protection

Highest-quality plastic and steel composite protection

Ultimate cap and plug protection for sucker rod ends

Provides economical and basic environmental thread protection

Canada’s top solution for durable environmental thread protection

Offering heavy duty tubing and casing protection

Ultimate thread protection for premium connections

Pipe Storage & Handling

For tubular pipe separation and safety applications

Ideal protection and stability during pipe transport and storage

For effective, safe, and secure bundling applications

Offering unmatched safety in tubular pipe handling

Pipe Accessories

Top-quality tools for pipe lifting

Superlative pipe make-up with heavy-duty and standard options

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