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MSI Pipe Protection Technologies’ Rigs Around The World page provides resourceful information and the most recent available count of industry drilling rigs currently active in the global development and exploration of oil and natural gas.

The global need for pipe protection products that help maintain oilfield equipment and other oil country tubular goods (OCTG), remains in demand. As industry demands for oil and natural gas continue to surge and also sustain, energy exploration and production activities do the same. When demand for these resources change, so does the demand for services and supplies directly and remotely related to the oil and gas industries.

At MSI, we’re here to ensure that your company and producers have access to only the highest quality of protective products and services that protect your assets. When it comes to operations, both onshore and offshore, you can count on MSI Pipe Protection Technologies to help you deliver your protected pipe, all day every day.

The oil rig data that we provide on this page is only in reference to rotary rigs considered to be substantial customers of services and suppliers in the oil and gas industry. All gas and oil rig data indicated below is dynamic in nature and sourced from the most recent statistical data of Baker Hughes – a GE Company.

Current Oil Rig Counts Around the World

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