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Sucker Rod Protectors from MSI

Convenient Sucker Rod Thread Protection

Properly Preserve and Protect Your Sucker Rod Threads

Sucker rods should never suffer damage if they are to effectively serve their vital purpose of extraction in the oilfield. With MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, operators and end-users can rest assured that their sucker rod threads and couplings will maintain their integrity with high-quality and expertly designed protective caps.

Sucker Rod Caps
Sucker Rod Plugs

Four Decades of Product Innovation and Service

Since 1980, MSI, an NOV Tuboscope company, has been an industry leader in protective solutions for pipe and threads. Our sucker rod protectors provide you with the same level of excellence and reliability that you have come to expect. In addition to our extensive range of protectors for common API thread connections, MSI offers non-threaded sucker rod cap protectors.

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Simple Quality Protection

Companies worldwide recognize our thread protectors for offering superior impact protection, extreme durability, and easy installation and removal. Most importantly, they are known for maintaining the integrity of your threads. We ensure that your sucker rod caps are equipped to protect rod threads, as well as safeguard proper make-up when ready for use in the field. Also, our sucker rod plugs keep unwanted debris, foreign objects, and other elements out of the sucker rod couplings.

Both products have been designed for easy application and removal. For the protection of your sucker rods and couplings during handling, transport, or storage, MSI’s caps and plugs are sure to help you deliver.

Sucker Rod Protection Features

Our heavy-duty caps will protect your sucker rods from damage, as well as ensure the longevity of their functionality.

Sucker rod protection features include:

  • Excellent impact protection
  • Crack prevention
  • Secure fit due to wide internal ribs
  • Full coverage of the threaded area
  • Compatible with specialized tools or 12-point socket tools for removal
  • HDPE for increased durability


  • Coupling thread protection
  • Keeps coupling free of debris and foreign objects
Sucker Rod Caps and Plugs

Sucker Rod Cap and Plug Size and Quantity Options

We offer black high-density polyethylene thread protectors that provide second to none supreme protection.

Item No.Rod SizeBox Qty.Cap/Plug
81499-MSI1 1/8″200Cap

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Thread Protectors

Protecting your drill pipe with both plastic and steel designs

Durable non-threaded protection for plain and beveled ends

Offering extra heavy-duty thread protection for tubing and casing

Designed specifically to be API 5CT, Annex I compliant

Highest-quality plastic and steel composite protection

Highest-quality plastic and steel composite protection

Ultimate cap and plug protection for sucker rod ends

Provides economical and basic environmental thread protection

Canada’s top solution for durable environmental thread protection

Offering heavy duty tubing and casing protection

Ultimate thread protection for premium connections

Pipe Storage & Handling

For tubular pipe separation and safety applications

Ideal protection and stability during pipe transport and storage

For effective, safe, and secure bundling applications

Offering unmatched safety in tubular pipe handling

Pipe Accessories

Top-quality tools for pipe lifting

Superlative pipe make-up with heavy-duty and standard options

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