Thread Protection for Perforating Guns Prior to Use


Perforating gun technologies continue to evolve with the Oil and Gas (O&G) Industry. The process required to ensure optimum well performance during completion lead to the development of many different types of perforating guns. It has also lead to a variety of related thread protection tools. Perforating guns themselves are highly sophisticated devices, and conveying them into the wellbore requires well-maintained threaded connections.

What Are Perforating Guns?

Perforating guns use explosive charges to break through the tubing and allow natural gas or other hydrocarbons to enter the wellbore.  Operators only utilize them after construction and during well completion. In fact, operators use different types of perforating guns to achieve improved resource collection. This depends, however, on the exact conditions determined by the well-site operations and surrounding natural formations.

Perforating Gun Types and Applications

For wells that contain tubing, smaller diameter through-tubing guns are used. While in larger reservoirs, hollow carrier guns are usually ideal. Both types of technologies are constantly changing, primarily to gain faster (and safer) well completions and yield efficiencies.

Operators convey the perforating guns down the well and initiate the blast operation either mechanically or electrically at predetermined depths. In both cases, the charges penetrate the casing, allowing the resources to enter the transport cavity, improving pressure diversion and overall well productivity. This makes the perforating process critically important to well performance after construction.

Protecting Perforating Guns before Operations

As the quality of the perforation process greatly affects the well performance, the process and equipment require special protection before and during operation. Thread protection and installation tools greatly improve both the handling of the perforating system onsite and the accuracy of the equipment. With multiple components sensitive to both shock and electronic damage, ensuring the integrity of the perforating guns at all times remains an operational necessity.

Thread Protection Systems

Using standard or customized perforating guns in well completions is common in the industry. Operators and site engineers calculate the overbalanced or underbalanced conditions of the well and determine which type of perforating gun is best suited to ensure the wellbore’s consistent performance.

Once the choice of technology is certain, operators should maintain the integrity of the equipment up until detonation. The thread of the cased perforation gun and tubing conveyer pipes ensure connection stability. Using high-performance protection equipment ensures perforating guns and their thread connections remain intact during each step of handling and installation.

MSI Thread Protection Systems

NOV Tuboscope’s MSI Pipe Protection Technologies provides high-quality, custom thread protection equipment, ensuring the reliability of operations during well completions. With production efficiencies depending on perforating gun performance, ensuring connection integrity remains an important process for improved production capabilities.

For both standard and custom thread protection solutions, contact MSI Pipe Protection Technologies today to assist with your new exploration activities. Or connect with our expert customer service team toll-free at 1-877-276-9208.

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