10 Reasons to Choose Custom Injection Molding


When a business needs large quantities of intricate parts, they rely on custom injection molding. The concept is fairly simple, but the actual process can become extremely complicated. Plastic resins are fed into a heated barrel, and everything must be done exactly right to produce a perfect finished product. Today, plastic injection molding offers many benefits and advantages.

1. Accuracy

Almost any type of plastic part can be accurately fabricated, typically to within 0.005″. While the process does impose a few design restrictions, the injection molding process allows very exacting specifications for the finished products.

2. Production Speed

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is known for the speed of its long manufacturing runs. While the complexity of the mold has an impact on how fast the parts can be produced, there is normally only about 15 – 30 seconds between cycles.

3. Reduced Labor Costs

Injection molding only needs minimal human supervision, since the process is self-gating and automatic.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Injection molding is also friendly to the environment. Any scrap can be ground up and recycled. MSI takes pride in providing high-quality products that are environmentally safe.

5. Flexibility

It’s easy to change colors or types of material.

6. Ideal for Strong and Custom Products

One of the primary benefits of plastic injection molding is that fillers can be added to improve strength, sun resistance, or another characteristic to the finished part.

7. Little to No Finish Work Needed

Parts come out of the mold with a smooth, finished appearance, and are ready to ship.

8. Use Two or More Different Plastics

Custom injection molding makes it possible for two or more different plastics to be used at the same time. This makes it possible to produce very customized products.

9. Less Expensive than Plastic Machining

One mold could cost several thousand dollars, yet is used repeatedly for large production runs. Using a plastic machining process can cost as much as 25 times more.

10. Used Around the World

All of these benefits—and more—account for the worldwide popularity of plastic injection molding.
MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is known as the go-to for custom injection molding services. We have the capacities and capabilities to get the job done right. Above all, we remain committed to producing top quality thread protectors and other pipe protection products to the most exacting standards in our ISO 9001 Certified facility. Call us at 281-890-4595 to discuss your custom product needs.

MSI has the perfect pipe protection products for your needs.

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