2017 API Conference to Highlight Oilfield Products


The 2017 Exploration and Production Standards Conference, hosted by the American Petroleum Institute (API), will focus on oilfield product equipment and materials. This year’s conference will be held at the Telus Convention Center in Calgary, Alberta, at the end of June. As always, this annual international event is designed to enlighten industry professionals and global corporations by keeping them abreast of the latest advances in technology, while also continuing to develop an in-depth understanding of the standards that govern day-to-day practices to enhance product quality and safety. As an industry leader in thread protection and oilfield products, we at MSI Pipe Protection Technologies are not only excited to participate again in this year’s conference, but to also attend again as a company sponsor.

Still an Industry Leader

Recognized in last year’s API Conference as a global leader in tubular goods, MSI is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our customers. The information presented at the annual conference, along with invaluable opportunities to exchange information with other industry experts, will enhance the level of service we’re able to offer throughout the year. At the upcoming conference, over 300 standards will be covered, and attendees will have the chance to learn the story behind each standard.

Setting Standards Through Active Participation

As a producer of goods designed to protect pipes, people, and the environment, we at MSI have a vested interest in the development and revision of standards; and our team looks forward to participating actively in all conversations about oilfield products and all things thread protection. In addition to attending the conference, we are proud to once again serve as a sponsor and demonstrate our support for API and its efforts to make the industry better and safer for all involved.

API Membership is open to companies of all sizes that are involved in any aspect of the energy sector. Furthermore, companies like MSI that support drilling operations have a voice in shaping future policy. All conference attendees are invited to participate in discussions, share information, and work together to address challenges.

Our Innovative Products

MSI is known globally for top-quality pipe protection, including our full range of thread protectors- like our most robust Annex I compliant lines: MaxX™, Mega™ and Ultra™ products.

Connect with MSI Pipe Protection Technologies toll free for more information on our oilfield products and services; call 877-276-9208.

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API 2017 Exploration & Production Standards Conference

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