How OCTGs Have Contributed to US Oil Production Boom


Few fully understand the importance of OCTGs (Oil Country Tubular Goods) in the drilling and oil & gas industry. The term fracking refers to hydraulic fracturing, a method of releasing oil and gas from shale formations underground. The method involves injecting a high-pressure jet of water, chemicals, and sediment into a shale deposit to open up small fractures that occur naturally in the stone. As the shale is fractured, both oil and natural gas can be captured and pumped to the surface. Fracking technology has had a significant impact on the U.S. oil & gas industry over the past ten years; leading the U.S. to become the third top producer of oil, and the number one global producer of natural gas.

Essential Roles in Fracking

OCTG have played major roles in the development of fracking. The term refers to drill pipe, casing, tubing, and drill pipe protectors that facilitate the extraction and transportation of oil and gas from the well to the refinery or storage facility. The pipe used for any type of drilling, but especially for fracking, must be able to withstand extreme conditions and remain intact. Any breach in the wall, joint, or connection point of a pipe creates the potential for a leak that can cause serious harm to the environment, not to mention a loss of valuable product.

Energy Boom Continues

Oil and gas companies are highly motivated to use only the best and safest oil country tubular goods. The U.S. is now experiencing an oil and gas boom thanks to fracking technology and OCTG products, and there is no bust in sight. Experts predict that the U.S. fracking industry will remain strong, as long as oil companies continue to improve and innovate the methods they use for fracking and horizontal drilling. However, environmental safety is an ongoing concern for drillers due to pressure from federal regulations as well as pushback from communities near fracking operations. Consequently, manufacturers of tools, directional drills, and pipe casings must make safety a priority.

Leading in Quality & Safety

At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, our products include drill pipe protectors, line pipe protectors, thread protectors, pipe chocks, and stabbing guides, among others. Our high-quality lines are designed to maintain the integrity of the tubular goods used in the oil and gas industry, and to ultimately keep workers, communities, and the environment safe. To learn more about OCTGs, connect with us today! Call 281-890-4595.

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