3 Ways Pipe Protection Can Be Beneficial


For O&G exploration, production, and supply companies around the globe, high-quality steel products are necessary. These operations know how vital these assets are to company’s overall production and to obtaining safe and successful outcomes. Manufacturers like MSI take the protection of these assets seriously and have developed an extensive product range to protect your investments. Pipe protection products are key factors for ensuring that your operations run efficiently and safely, without losing time or money.

Below are 3 ways in which pipe protection products can help your operation:

Protection During OCTG Transport

In order for companies to obtain their operating equipment, it must be properly transported. Those operating on offshore rigs must obtain their equipment from heavy freight ships that transport to the rigs. Companies operating on land need their equipment shipped through heavy-duty trucking transports. Whether by truck or ship, transporting pipe requires protective products like thread protectors, bumper rings, and pipe chocks. When companies utilize bumper rings and pipe chocks, they safeguard their tubulars against metal-to-metal contact. Rings and chocks do wonders for keeping tubulars evenly spaced and separated during transit. Pipe chocks, in particular, also ensure that your tubular piping remains stable.

Thread protectors also prevent thread damage during transit and ultimately assist in prolonging pipe performance. Protectors range in many design options with varying levels of protection against certain factors. Companies usually need protectors with safeguarding features against impact and elements. Likewise, manufacturers that offer features like optimized thread engagement, help assure companies that their protectors won’t back-off during transit.

Pipe Protection During Equipment Storage

Thread protectors are equally important for maintaining the integrity of a pipe’s threaded connection. Pipe thread can particularly susceptible to damage during storage prior to operations. Manufacturers, like MSI, specialize in manufacturing high-performance protectors, including our fully API-compliant lines like MaxX™, Ultra™, and Mega™. Fortunately, there is pipe protection for every type of storage need. As such, companies should choose protectors that are appropriate to storage climate and environmental needs.

Companies will consider top storage factors like if there are extremely high and/or low-temperature ranges in the storing location. Also, they will look at various risk factors such as storage methods, conditions, and end-user processes. For example, take into consideration how a joint of pipe moves from storage to the rig floor, in how many phases, and by what method. When your company asks these questions they help you determine the level of thread protection storage need within your operation.

Pipe Protection During Tubular Handling

It should come as no surprise that bundling your pipe is an efficient way to ensure that it moves as safely as possible from point A to point B. Products like pipe packaging frames and tubular handling systems can guarantee that tubulars do not come into contact with one another. These equipment packages keep pipe equally spaced within a bundle, and secured by tightening mechanisms.

Rhino™ Tubular Handling Systems offered by MSI is especially known for its ability to handle high-performance lifting. In fact, our handling systems have a lifting capacity of 12t, and pad eyes pull tested and approved to 46t. In addition to more convenient handling, systems like these also ensure that your storage area stays organized. Overall, this leads to a much safer and efficient operation.

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