5 Reasons to LOVE Pipe Chocks


Though oilfield piping and equipment can be difficult to ship, handle, and store, they are still costly enough to need protection; thus, pipe chocks from an ISO-certified vendor like MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, are produced to the highest quality standard. As with most pipe coming in assorted sizes and made from various materials, they can be very heavy; and when they’re handled incorrectly, they can cause serious injury or even death. The following discusses why pipe chocks are such an important part of the oil and gas drilling industry.

#1 Provides Safety During Transport and Storage

As the roads become more crowded, it’s more important than ever to keep large loads safe and stable. Shifting loads can potentially cause severe trucking accidents. A poorly-loaded truck can roll over and spill its cargo onto the road, potentially causing a dangerous pile-up. By using pipe chocks during transport, drivers and sellers can keep these loads stable. Once they’ve arrived at the drilling or mining site, chocks are sturdy enough to keep pipe safely stored until they’re ready to be used. These durable wedges may be small, and they don’t cost much in the grand scheme of things, but they can prevent serious injury and loss of life.

#2 Prevents Costly Litigation

In today’s world, a lawsuit is almost certain to follow a significant injury. If an opposing party can document that chocks were used improperly, or not used at all, it can prove costly for a company. Even if a defendant wins such a lawsuit, the cost of legal defense is high. With proper use of quality pipe chocks, companies can save time and money by staying out of court.

#3 Makes On-Rig Pipe Storage Easy

The world’s largest oil rigs present numerous challenges when pipe must be stored. Regular inspections and government regulations are in place to ensure the integrity of the drilling operation and the safety of oil rig workers. Un-chocked OCTGs are easily dislodged and highly unstable, which is particularly problematic on a modern oil rig.

#4 Easy Use and Affordability

Pipe chocks are relatively inexpensive, but they’re a crucial part of oilfield pipe protection systems. Chocks are to be wedged in between each layer in a pipe pyramid, then nailed in place to keep the load stable during transport and storage. In some cases, tie-downs are used to provide additional security and stability for pipe loads.

#5 They’re Vitally Important

An improperly secured pipe load can shift if there’s an abrupt stop or sudden directional change during transport, causing property damage, severe injury, and, in some cases, death. When pipes are covered in oil residue, chocks are vital to the safety and security of the load and its driver. Pipe chocks from MSI aren’t just useful, they’re vital to many industries that require pipe and other tubular goods.

Count on MSI for Quality

Our entire team at MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is honored to be recognized as a global leader in thread and pipe protection. We are proud to be an ISO-certified manufacturer of top-quality parts for the water, mining, gas, and oil industries. For additional information on our pipe protection and OCTG products, or to place an order, call us at 877-276-9208. For your convenience, feel free to request a quote online.

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