A Concise Guide To Pipe Protection Products


Healthy pipelines that allow for the proper flow of water, oil or gas without leaks (which can result in major damage when present) is important. It is vital to protect your pipes during transportation and storage so that they can function at optimum levels for a long time once they are being used. Pipes are protected during transportation or storage through using pipe protection products, such as thread protectors and bumper rings that will help prolong the functional life of the pipeline. The best pipe protection products are usually made from a mixture of plastic and resin.

Protecting Your Pipes With Plastic Protection Products

Thread protectors are frequently used in the oil and gas industry to protect pipes from damage. They can be made from metal (which can be cleaned and re-used) or plastic (which is usually collected for either re-use or recycling). One of the major benefits of using protectors is that of preventing thread damage and corrosion of the pipes as they lay in transit or storage. While thread protectors are used to protect your pipes, it is important to remember that they too need care. For starters, plastic protectors are generally resistant to high temperatures. However, one should be sure not to store them in temperatures above 550°C which could damage them by causing them to melt.

Why A Resin And Plastic Mixture Is A Good Option For Protectors

There are many benefits to be had from using plastic pipe protectors that are made from a plastic and resin mixture due in large part to plastic’s natural stability and durability, as well as the properties of Urea-formaldehyde resin. Resin’s benefits include volume resistance, tensile strength, and low water absorption, all of which provide for better protection. Combined with the attributes of resin, plastic thread protectors can last a very long time, and can be re-used if necessary. Urea-formaldehyde resin helps to further strengthen an already strong plastic thread protector. In addition to increased durability and strength, one need not worry about corrosion with plastic protectors as sometimes happens with metal protectors.

Plastic thread protectors with resin also provide much needed elasticity and stability that help provide better protection. The combination allows for easy molding into complex shapes while offering a smooth finish. This is particularly great for space rings that help stop pipes from knocking against each other during storage or transit.

What To Look For When Buying Plastic Pipe Protection Products

When buying plastic pipe protectors, ensure you go with those that are available from a company that can verify the mixture used to make it as well as guarantee quality. A reputable supplier would be able to answer any questions you may have, as well as supply your orders correctly and on time. For space rings, also known as bumper rings, ensure that rings are slightly undersized for a snug fit. Also, you should be careful to buy three rings per pipe length – one for each end, and another for the middle – for them to be effective in stopping pipes from bumping against each other.

Altogether, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies uses no less than the best materials and has a full range of the durable, effective products you need to keep your workplace safe, your costs efficient, and your business successful. Contact us today for more information about our products.

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