An Introduction to Oil Country Tubular Goods


Steel pipe is essential to the oil and gas industry. Pipe comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and materials, depending on what it’s to be used for. Learning the different applications and uses is essential to the safety of the workers, the environment, and the daily operations of an oil or gas rig.

From production to exploration, steel casings are used to shore up wells, both before and after drilling. Steel tubing carries the product from the source to the surface. The casings and tubings are all joined by threaded couplings and joints, called connections. A new online course called ‘An Introduction To Oil Country Tubular Goods’ (OCTG), teaches the students how to determine and select the correct pipes for the job.

An Introduction To OCTG is an archived course that introduces people to the various factors which must be taken into account when selecting piping for oil and gas rigs. It features classes from top professors and universities, and uses videos, quizzes, game like labs, and other tools to teach their students. The course explores the OCTG products such as tubings, casings, and the various characteristics of connections and pipe bodies. They will also be taught about American Petroleum Standards, steel grades, and premium connections.

The course concentrates on OCTG products and production processes. It will show how seamless and welded pipes are made, and how to ensure quality is maintained throughout the entire production process. Students will learn about how the geology of the ground and drilling conditions will require specific oil and country tubular goods products. How the string design on pipes is performed, and how piping products are made and tested for quality will also be examined. Previous students describe the course as interesting, detailed, and informative on all areas of OCTG business.

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