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Are Gas Pipe Explosions Inevitable?


Did you know that in the United States alone, utility companies repaired almost 480,000 gas pipe leaks for the year 2013? This included repairs to both gas mains and gas pipelines. What’s worse, it is estimated that another 105,000 need repairs.

What is more tragic is how dangerous neglecting these repairs can be. For example, an article in the Wall Street Journal tells the sad story of a police officer who was killed in his own home when he flipped on the lights, thereby igniting natural gas that was leaking from an old cast-iron distribution line installed in 1922.

They go on to say that there are thousands of miles of old pipes that need to be replaced. Companies are replacing these pipes but at a rate of about 60 to 140 miles of pipe per year, which will take decades to complete, not to mention millions of dollars.

And the problem isn’t only for residences. There are also gas pipes bring fuel to business, intersecting over streets, and even in heavy concentrations in cities like Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Louisville, Ky., and New York.

The takeaway is simply that investing in professional gas pipe installation and protection is essential for any business from those who provide simple services locally to overseas giants.

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