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In the oil and gas industry, pipes are an important commodity that needs to be protected. But it can be challenging to find the right thread protectors. There are numerous sources, but they often have long lead times or issues with quality, due to global supply chain issues like delivery delays and labor shortages.

At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we continue to produce the most extensive range of OCTG thread protectors on the market under the highest quality manufacturing standards.

How is this possible? We take the measures needed to ensure our customers have access to the products they need in a timely manner through many methods like keeping our warehouses fully stocked across the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Scotland. This allows us to supply products for oil rigs in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. 

So, how do we provide the OCTG thread protectors and other products that rigs need to stay in operation? Here are the key ways we help our clients avoid global supply chain issues.

We Keep Our Warehouses Stocked

Many years ago, most companies adopted the inventory management practice referred to as the “just-in-time” approach. 

This lean practice means that rather than stocking domestic warehouses with products, suppliers stock only products they would need immediately. Then, they rely on supply chains to deliver other products as they are ordered or needed. The goal is to minimize the amount of inventory on-hand and relies heavily on accurate demand planning. 

However, this approach has potential risks. For one, it requires a reliable supply chain. Any disruption can stall the production process entirely. It’s also hard to adapt to sudden increases or decreases in demand that weren’t forecasted. 

These downfalls came to full realization for many suppliers at the onset of the global pandemic. Over the past few years, almost every industry has been impacted and harmed by global supply chain issues, which has left many companies without their products.

Luckily, MSI doesn’t use the “just-in-time” approach and can avoid the numerous issues associated with this lean approach. 

From our stocked global headquarters in Houston, Texas to our manufacturing and distribution facilities in Veracruz, Mexico; Leduc Alberta, Canada; and Aberdeen, Scotland, we ensure we always have enough products on hand to meet our customer’s needs. Whether you need pipe protection, Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) thread protectors, oilfield products, tubular handling equipment, or other precision pipe products for the petroleum industry, we have them ready to ship to you.

Pipe warehouse storage

We Manufacture In-House and Deliver On-Time

Since MSI manufactures everything in-house, we are able to ship products out to you quickly and affordably, no matter where you are. For example, if you’re in the Gulf of Mexico, we would ship to you from our Houston or Mexico warehouses. If you’re in Europe or Asia, we can quickly ship you quality products quickly from our Scotland warehouse.

Our warehouses are not just where we store products, but also where we manufacture. We have over 11,000 pallets full and a 3.2 million protectors a month manufacturing capacity, MSI and NOV parts. By doubling the size of the previous location, our current facility allows for increased efficiency and better processes to provide customers with superior service

You shouldn’t have to wait when you need products as soon as possible. At MSI, we don’t wait on third-party suppliers. By manufacturing and storing all of our OCTG products in-house, we can help you avoid the supply chain issues that face our global community. 

We Help Reduce Costs

Manufacturing and shipping all our products in-house also helps us pass extra savings onto our customers. If a company outsources their manufacturing, they have to pay extra for things such as contract labor, writers, shippers, manufacturers, and more. 

By handing the entire process in-house, MSI doesn’t have to work with third-parties to assemble or ship your products. It takes less labor and time to assemble your required parts. 

These cost savings add up and protect your margins during a time of record inflation and shipping costs.

Metal pipes in warehouse

We Take Care of Our Employees

Another major challenge is labor shortages affecting the global supply chain, causing delays, increasing costs, and sparking numerous logistical challenges. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, they link labor shortages to an aging population causing the overall workforce of the United States to decline since the start of the pandemic, and has not yet recovered to pre-COVID-19 levels. This makes it difficult for many businesses to staff their positions and meet consumer demand.

Thankfully, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies has not felt this disaster as deeply as other companies and industries. We value our employees and have taken measures to improve employee job satisfaction and retention and ensure we work as a team to meet all of our customer’s needs. 

Our hundreds of employees in our 136,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Houston are ready and happy to provide your company with the products you need as fast as possible. Despite the labor shortage and supply chain issues caused by it, we remain a global market leader in Oil Country Tubular Goods thread protectors and pipe protection products.

Work with MSI to Get the OCTG Thread Protectors You Need

During this time of global supply chain challenges, we know it’s essential to have access to quality products and don’t want you to have to wait four months for them. 

Our commitment to understanding the global industry is the reason we have created centers around the world as a vast distribution network. When you need outstanding pipe protection, OCTG thread protectors, oilfield products, tubular handling equipment, pipe chocks, pipe storage, or other precision pipe products, work with us at MSI Pipe Protection Technologies. We’ll be happy to provide the parts you need when you need them.

To learn more about our extensive OCTG products, contact MSI today!

MSI has the perfect pipe protection products for your needs.

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