Best Stabbing Guide Tools


Stabbing guides are essential tools constructed for the purpose of acting as a funnel guide in creating a string of pipe connections. Industries using stabbing guides include well water, gas, oil and mining – where pipe protection is an essential security.

Stabbing Guide Technology

The materials used to manufacture the guides are a combination of urethane and top of the line steel. The guides are sculpted to perform as a funnel guide in tubing, casing and drill pipe technologies. Three types of guides are mag-latch structure, standard need and heavy duty.
During the construction of a string of pipe, the stabbing guides are used to connect pins to box threads. They prevent damage to the face and connection. Stabbing guides expedite pipe connections with a spring loading instrument used to open, place and remove the box connector as needed. The pipe connections are comprised of extremely strong, split and hinged rigid plastics. They are intended to accept and control a pin connector to a locating socket suitable to secure a box connector.

Custom thread protection goods offer peace of mind in high performance industries. Using technologically advanced injection molding creates an expanded configuration of products to protect against corrosion and vibration, extreme temperature fluctuation and impact. They are also resistant to UV rays. Stable, designed to withstand the impact and disperse it, thread protectors work with diaphragms and protectors. Produced for performance under adverse weather conditions, the casings are formed for 4 ½ inch, 5 ½ inch, 7 and nine and five-eights inch API thred types. All materials are one hundred percent recyclable.

Heavy duty thread protectors are blended from plastics for corrosion protection and steel for strength and durability. The precision cut threads ensure a perfect fit every time. These will perform in extreme temperatures from -50 degrees to 150 degrees F.

Ultra premium thread protectors are composed of all resin materials for high sealing ability and sport a hot stamp ID number. Never again have to search for a tag or seal, each one has it’s identity ready. These are one hundred percent recyclable.

Every material used to produce dependable, resilient stabbing guides for pipe protection is the best at what it does for industries that need safeguards. 

MSI offers a myriad of tools and technology to help make difficult tasks easier and more efficient. If your organization is searching for way to utilize these products to help achieve your company goals, contact MSI today! 

Don’t let corrosion, impact, or environmental damage ruin your pipes.

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