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Helping to Build Communities & Serve Others

This month, some of the staff at MSI Pipe Protection Technologies in Houston participated in the wonderful service of giving back to the community. We took a group of 15 staff members to volunteer from 8am-3pm on Saturday, October 22nd with Habitat for Humanity’s (HFH) Northwest Harris County Division. Each year, we take the time to reflect on the fact that we are more than just providers of top quality pipe protection; we are also company representatives, family members, and a group of community leaders who care greatly about others and how we can help make a significant difference in the local community.

We had the privilege of helping build new homes in Fairfax Village, a neighborhood in Spring, TX, where HFH had half a dozen houses under construction. The organization is all set with enough land to build homes in this neighborhood for the next year and a half! MSI Pipe Protection Technologies was assigned to paint the exterior of one of the homes that was near completion. It was exciting to serve alongside two homeowners-to-be, as they discussed how they were scheduled to close on their home before the end of the year.

One of the great gifts of the HFH organization is their belief in the value of building partnerships. As part of empowering people to help themselves and others within a community, participating homeowners must put in hundreds of sweat equity hours of helping to build their future home, as well as their neighbors’ homes in the community!

For more information about a local Habitat for Humanity group, visit: https://www.habitat.org/

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