How Bumper Rings Provide All-Around Pipe Protection


Companies within the oil and gas industry are taking a more proactive stance on pipeline monitoring and protection. However, the pipe used to build pipelines needs protection even before they’re installed. Pipe bumper rings play a substantial role in preventing pipe corrosion and damage, which makes them a worthwhile oilfield investment. Read on to learn more about these and other pipe protection products.

Why Bumper Rings Are Important

An active oil pipeline keeps the world going, but it’s inherently risky. Loose pipe must be secured in transit and during storage to ensure stability. Proper pipe safety and security include:

  • Proper pipe loading
  • Having sufficient space to support pipes along the entire length.
  • Having a surface that is well-supported, flat, and devoid of rocks and other sharp objects.
  • Using the proper devises, such as rings, tubing thread protectors, and other oil country tubular goods.

What is a Bumper Ring?

It’s an impact-resistant component made of compounds such as EVA or polyethylene. Rings come in a range of sizes, but all have the same purpose: to reduce or prevent pipe contact during transport, moving, storage, and processing. A quality ring can withstand a tremendous amount of pressure, which eliminates the adverse effects of pipe damage.

The Bumper Ring’s Main Benefits

A bumper ring assembly can affect costs and product quality as it prevents damage caused by direct pipe contact and friction. These rings enable secure transportation of oilfield products and help minimize losses associated with pipe corrosion and damage. Ultimately, they save companies money and preserve the integrity of their pipe.

Other Advantages

Protective rings keep piping organized during storage and transport. When pipes are organized and bundled, it’s easier to count stock, and they’re less likely to roll around if a ring breaks free. Rings are recyclable as well, which increases the appeal to cost-conscious oilfield operators.

Since pipe protection is an important part of the transport process, when operators have access to the best tools and equipment, they can maximize profits while increasing safety. Only MSI, the standard leader in pipe protection products, offers guaranteed quality to every customer. For additional information on how protective rings can secure operations and investments, contact the experts at MSI Pipe Protection Technologies by calling us toll-free at 1-877-276-9208. Or request a quote online now.

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