Common Applications for Line Pipe Protectors


Working in oil and gas fields can be a dangerous business, especially without the use of line pipe protectors and other required safety equipment. Workers are expected to follow standard procedures and equipment is expected to hold up to both extreme conditions and regular daily wear. Adequate pipe protection can make the difference between the installation of a new segment of piping going smoothly, and having to repair damage to pipe segments before even getting them in the ground. This is where line pipe protectors from MSI Pipe Protection Technologies comes in. Read on to learn more about common applications for these protectors.

Protection from the Elements

When line pipe is left outside, it almost always ends up being exposed to inclement weather conditions in addition to the rigors of normal use. Damage due to inclement weather can be prevented through using custom-fabricated protective products. Failing to provide protection for pipes when they are outside and exposed to the elements can lead to damage that requires re-cutting pipe threads or even replacing entire segments of pipe.

Protection During Storage

Thread protection is a standard practice for a reason. Let’s face it: storage conditions on-site at oilfields are often less than ideal. When it comes to pipe storage, the best solution is to cover any exposed pipe ends with thread protectors. Not only does this prevent damage, it also makes the workers’ jobs a little easier. Even careful workers must exercise exceptional caution when preparing unprotected pipe for storage, which can cause unnecessary delays.

Protection During Transport

Pipes and other threaded component parts need to be adequately protected during transport. Even when exceptional caution is being exercised, it’s still possible for pipe ends to wind up damaged while they are being moved. The minimal amount of time and money spent installing and removing protective products pales in comparison to the cost of repairing damaged parts. The old axiom about prevention being the best medicine applies just as well to the oil field as it does elsewhere in life.

Post-Production Protection

Pipe producers know how easily even durable piping can become damaged. Which is why industrial workers tasked with producing piping for the oil and gas industries use protective products to help prevent in-house damage to their piping. This helps avoid lost income due to wasted resources.

Regardless of what industry your company serves, those responsible for safe handling and storage of pipe can find the products they need at MSI. Learn more by calling us at 281-890-4595.

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