Common Misconceptions About OCTG Products


OCTG products include more than just pipe, although they are by far the most common form of (OCTG) oil country tubular goods equipment used. OCTGs also include the array of pipe accessories that are used along with the pipe, such as pipe protectors and pipe chocks for example. While most companies understand what these products are, there are still many misconceptions about them, as well as how they are properly applied in the oilfield and offshore. Some of the common misconceptions, as well as the truth about OCTG products are listed below.

Misconception: Drill Pipe Protectors are Expensive and Not Worth the Cost

Truth — Thread protectors ultimately help save money on operational costs by helping reduce the costs associated with routine maintenance and company equipment repairs. They also reduce the risk of injury by keeping threads in excellent shape so they don’t suffer from excessive wear. Drill pipe thread protection is extremely important in many cases, as it ensures pipe protection even in harsh climates.

Misconception: Line Pipe Protectors Just Protect Pipes

TruthLine pipe protectors do more than just protect company pipes from damage. They also protect what is flowing through the pipe. This is crucial when water meant for human consumption goes through pipe, but might be important in other areas as well. They were designed to help prevent contamination, and can be used once pipe is in place to also protect what’s inside the pipe.

Misconception: Bumper Rings Aren’t Needed

Truth — It’s never a good idea to try and save money at the cost of pipe protection. Bumper rings, for example are great OCTG products used to protect pipes from bumping into each other during storage and transportation, and they ensure that pipes will not be damaged. This always saves money for companies in the long run, by reducing the chance of pipe becoming damaged and needing to be replaced.

Misconception: Chocks are Just Needed for Storage

Truth – Pipe chocks are just as important when it comes to moving pipes as they are for storing them. Pipe chocks from API standard companies like MSI, keep loads from shifting during transportation and general pipe transit, which can help prevent serious and deadly accidents in the process. Ultimately, the use of chocks is essential to saving company oilfield equipment investments, as well as from lawsuits and various expenses associated with catastrophic transport accidents, be it on the road, or during operations.

Misconception: All OCTG Products are the Same

Truth — Just like any product, the manufacturing techniques used during production, as well as the materials used for production, make a huge difference in the quality. Companies needing OCTG products will want to make sure they choose a manufacturer that has high standards for their products and that always strives to create stronger, more durable products.

When your company needs OCTG products, be sure to get the best quality accessories available. Be sure to consider MSI Pipe Protection Technologies. We always have the high-quality products and services you’re looking for. As an API standard leader and a global provider of OCTGs and other pipe protection accessories, we make it easy to meet your ordering needs. Feel free to request a quote online, or call us toll-free at 1-877-276-9208 for more information.

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