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What Companies Need to Know About Pipe Plugs & Caps


At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we understand the delicate nature of sucker rods. Like other materials used in the gas and oil industry, these rods can become damaged during storage and transport. Because these rods are often stored for a prolonged period between or before uses, it’s important to protect them from considerable damage. Furthermore, because producers save money when waste is reduced, it makes sense for them to explore all potential ways to prevent damage to OCTGs and piping products. That’s why our sucker rod plugs and caps are so important.

Easy Use SAVES in Time & Investment

Today’s oil and gas industry is highly competitive, which means producers are always looking for ways to cut costs. It’s important to consider labor costs when choosing pipe protection products, and when the installation and removal of sucker rod caps takes less time, companies save money. Our caps are easily and quickly removed or applied with simple tools, which means oilfield workers won’t have to worry about finding the right tool when a sucker rod is needed. MSI’s sucker rod plugs’ pull-tab design allows users to easily pull plugs from couplings before use.

Our Caps & Plugs Come in a Range of Sizes and Materials

Gas and oil production sites use varying rod sizes, and the components MSI provides are designed to fit a full range of sucker rods. These rods’ sizes typically range from 5/8-1 1/8”, and we offer sucker rod caps and plugs for various applications. The caps use low-density polyethylene (LDPE) that’s specially designed for compatibility with the most widely used sucker rods. Consider their benefits:

  • They’re non-threaded, which makes it easier to install them on sucker rod pins
  • Hexagonally-shaped heads simplify removal; common tools are all that’s needed
  • Standard sizing such as 5/8”, ¾”, 7/8”, and 1 1/8”

Sucker rod plugs and caps aren’t just simple to use, they provide an effective way to shield coupling ends from the harmful effects of shipping, transport, storage, corrosion, and debris. Contact MSI to learn about pricing and customization options, or freely request a quote online now.

MSI Products Are Always Designed to Protect Your Bottom Line

As opposed to seeing sucker rod plugs and caps as an unnecessary expense, many of today’s producers see them as insurance against severe damage. When rod threads become damaged, the cost of repairs or replacement may become quite high. However, when rod plugs and/or caps are used, the chances of thread damage are greatly reduced, and producers suffer fewer damage-related losses. Furthermore, because the gas and oil industry runs on tight deadlines, these pipe protection materials make it easier for workers to adhere to their schedules.

Get Started Today

MSI is proud to provide pipe protection products to producers all over the world. Customers can always come to us with their questions and concerns, as we’re glad to help. Should your company need top-quality sucker rod plugs and caps, or other products, freely connect with us toll-free at 1-877-276-9208 for orders and information.

MSI has the perfect pipe protection products for your needs.

Browse our online catalog, call, or email us for more information.

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