Custom Pipe Thread Protection for Perforating Guns


In order to complete tasks, you need reliable tools that will function to the best of their ability. Why not also have the assurance of utilizing the full capability of your perforating gun by first ensuring it has proper thread protection?

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is the leading manufacturer of customized thread protection for perforating guns. Having enough protection enables you to work without worry and is a factor you can rely on to help get the job done. Even more, you don’t have to take chances or put your perforating equipment on the line. We manufacture durable thread protection from the highest quality so that you don’t have to fear certain mishaps with your reusable guns.

Benefits of Pipe Thread Protection

It is of utmost importance to us that your equipment remains free of moisture, corrosion, and debris. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies’ thread protectors do just that – all throughout the transport, storage, and handling of your equipment. In addition, our thread protectors boast easy application and removal, saving you from the unnecessary effort and worry.

Top Benefits

    • Our products offer full protection to guarantee the safety of your perforating gun. The more durable the gun, the more of your resource enters the well.
    • MSI thread protectors also reinforce the durability of your perforating gun by lending complete and total coverage over the entirety of the threaded area.
    • They offer superior protection of both the threads and the connecting joints.
    • Custom sizes and colors are available for unique needs by request.
    • Greater protection leads to greater durability and longer-lasting equipment. Ultimately, your equipment operates to the best of its ability, just like you.

Countless Options for Customized Safety

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies doesn’t try to fit the mold. We strive to not only meet your needs but leave you no less than completely satisfied with our products. As such, we offer several customization options to help ensure that we’ve got you covered, whatever your specifications may be.

Our perforating gun protectors come in a variety of sizes – 1 1/16” to 7”. However, if these sizes do not cover your required need, we offer custom sizes to ensure perforating gun operations safety. Additionally, though the standard color for thread protectors is black, we can adapt to any custom color you prefer. We use the highest quality resins to guarantee that you’re receiving the best possible product and the most accurate thread fit.

Providing Thread Protection to Help You Deliver

The expert personnel at MSI are here to service your requests and provide additional information. As we continue helping you deliver protected pipe, all day, every day, our expert technicians and engineers continue to draw on their knowledge to create a great, functional product.

We have been fortunate enough to maintain 40 years of product excellence and service in all things pertaining to thread protection. Therefore, we strive to offer you only the best in the industry. Contact MSI online for global needs, or freely call us toll-free at 1-877-276-9208 for orders and information.

Don’t let corrosion, impact, or environmental damage ruin your pipes.

Trust MSI to deliver quality pipe protection all day, every day. Call or email us to find out more.

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