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The US & Global Rise in Shale Gas Production


Shale Activity in the United States

The production of US shale as a source of natural gas has and continues to increase exponentially over the years. This continued increase is due in large part to the discovery of new shale gas sources thanks to horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology applications. Geologists and surveyors use a combination of surface-level observations and subsurface computer-generated maps to determine shale site locations.

In fact, the US is able to produce shale domestically. This is a key factor that differentiates the growth and success of US shale production versus worldwide production. Research shows that as far back as 2009, the US produced approximately 87% of shale gas domestically. Additionally, our nation stepped out front as the leader in shale gas production from before everyone deemed it economical. That, added to the US’s inexhaustible resource of shale sites, continues to make us a world leader in production. Currently, it is estimated that shale production will account for about 49% of total US gas production by 2035.

Shale Production Around the World

Other countries have taken notice of the economic success of post-2000s shale gas production in the US. As a result, several of them now hope to follow in our footsteps. The ultimate goal is to increase energy and sustainability for future generations. There have since been rapid shale gas developments in Canada and a closer look at the possibilities of shale in countries across Europe and Asia, as well as Australia. With US shale production ramping up and the industry growing globally, the production of natural gas worldwide shows no signs of slowing down.

A Continued Need for Pipe Protection

Overall, an important part of the natural gas industry production lies in the quality of the tubular equipment companies use. Therefore, they must continue to take further measures to ensure that they maintain the integrity of their equipment. With quality pipe protection, however, companies can maintain the condition of their OCTG and other oilfield products and piping equipment. As shale exploration rises in the US and globally, insightful producers will maintain using high-quality thread and pipe protection products.  This is especially vital as they are transporting, storing, and otherwise handling their products during operations.

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