A Guide to Drill Pipe Protectors


Drill pipe protectors are typically installed around the ends of drill pipe and tubing to prevent end contact and reduce damage. These pipe protection products are used in the installation and transportation of steel pipe and are commonly used in the oil, gas, and water drilling industries. Drill pipes are threaded at both ends and come in sections known as tool joints. Read on for a brief guide to the types, features, and applications of vital drill pipe protectors.


Conventional drill pipe comes in sections that make up drill strings. While most are cut in 31-foot sections, they can range from 18-45 feet in length. Heavy drill pipes are tubular pieces that add weight or serve a transitional purpose in the drill string. They are positioned between standard pipe and drill collars to reduce pipe fatigue and failure. In some cases, the heavy pipe is used to weigh down drill strings. Drill collars have thicker walls, they’re heavier and more rigid than conventional drill pipes, and their primary function is to hold drill bits while reducing impact force and vibration.


In many cases, drill pipe protectors are made of heavy rubber or hardened plastic. However, some users may find protectors made of rubber that’s reinforced with steel. These are made to stand up to temperatures over 150 degrees Celsius, which is commonly seen when installing underground drill pipe. Pipe protectors are available in assorted standard sizes for varying applications; yet at MSI, we’re able to provide custom sizes if you can’t find any to fit the chosen application. Contact us to inquire. Protectors must be ISO and API compliant for increased durability and safety.

Different Applications

The primary goal of installing drill pipe protectors is to prevent undesired contact and environmental factors that may damage drill pipe during storage, installation, shipping, and transport. Such products are widely used in the oil and gas industries for cost efficiency and safety purposes. For example, some pipe protectors reduce drag and torque in drill strings, particularly when there’s tremendous friction between surfaces. The installation and use of these products can reduce the amount of time and money spent dealing with accidents and pipe damage.

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Drilling pipe and thread protectors are important devices that reduce corrosion, wear, tear, and damage to pipes during movement, storage, transportation, and shipping. When purchasing these vital products, companies should be vested in getting them from an ISO and API-compliant vendor such as MSI Pipe Protection Technologies. Get to know the family of pipe protection products that we offer at MSI, your industry standard leader in pipe protection. Call us toll-free at 877-276-9208, or request a quote online today!

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