How Can the Experts at MSI Satisfy Your Pipe Thread Protection Needs?


Anyone working in the oil and gas industry knows how essential pipes and other oil country tubular goods are to day-to-day operations and product transport. In the United States, 565 million barrels are extracted annually from offshore drilling. In the rough conditions found on many drill sites, pipes get knocked around, threads get damaged, and it can cost hours or days of lost production waiting for a replacement to arrive. When it comes to drill pipe protection and thread protector caps, MSI understands how crucial it is to keep your equipment in top working condition.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies uses state-of-the-art robotic presses and a proprietary high-performance resin to create durable, affordable, and customizable pipe thread protection caps. Every pipe thread protector that leaves our production facilities is designed with the oil industry in mind, ready for the most demanding conditions. We are sector leaders in the protection of oil pipe threads, with products that can stand up to rough handling, corrosion, dust, moisture, and temperature changes while extending the lifespan of your pipes and tubular goods.

Are you ready to explore our selection of technologies, including thread protector caps? Check out our product catalog to find the perfect solution for your facility or contact MSI to find out how we can help with pipe protection tailored to your precise needs.

What Sets MSI Pipe Thread Protectors Apart?

At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, the customer comes first. We produce our pipe thread protection sleeve to the highest standards, crafted to exceed our most stringent customer expectations. MSI’s Pipe and Thread Protection Technologies and commitment to the customer have made us industry leaders for decades and a respected name on any oilfield. How do we stand out from the crowd?

  • Flexible Customization: We understand that even when complying with American Petroleum Institute standards, one size doesn’t always fit all. We will work with your specific measurements and material requirements to ensure that your custom tubular goods are at least as well protected as premium sizes. MSI’s advanced plastic manufacturing facilities let us design pipe thread protection caps of nearly any size to meet your exacting needs.
  • Highest Quality Service: The MSI Pipe Protection Technologies standard of performance defines every aspect of our operations. From a cooperative custom design process to developing a strategic partnership with our customers, we are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations for any pipe thread protector.
  • Competitive Product Pricing: We are a global market leader in OCTG pipe protection technologies, with the worldwide reach and large scale to compete on contracts of any size. Our expansive distribution network ensures that our products are always readily available and close to you.

Don’t settle for merely adequate thread protector caps or subpar customer service. Let MSI Pipe Protection Technologies be your global oil pipe thread protector supplier and experience the MSI standard of performance for yourself.

To find out how we can transform the handling and pipe storage of your tubular goods from start to finish.

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