How Pipe Protection is Used in Oil Rig Production


When it comes to your oil production, protecting your hardware is the best way to ensure that your equipment operates efficiently. Many companies in the oil and gas industry are now investing in pipe protection products to protect their assets. These protection products are an investment for any company, but they ensure that jobs will be able to proceed successfully as scheduled. According to Supply Chain Quarterly, the rapid development of the petroleum industry, the severe corrosion of buried pipelines, oil well casings, and storage tank bottom plates in oil fields, has brought severe effects on the production, development, and environment of the oil field. Here is how pipe protection, like pipe thread protector caps, is used in oil rig production.

Profiling Putty and Heat Shrink Sleeves

Many oil rigs are now adding molding mastics with heat shrink sleeves within their own protection specifications. This is because carefully protecting complex shapes via the use of a moldable putty, you can minimize the potential hidden risk of damage to the coating, often an area that cannot be easily identified by inspection.

Pipe Thread Protector Caps

Pipe Caps

Pipe thread protector caps protect the threads located at the end of drill pipes during storage or transportation. They keep them clean from debris, dust, and vermin that turn up during transit and storage. While having a thread protection sleeve can help, a pipe cap at the end of the pipe is means of additional protection that can make a huge difference in the longevity of your pipes.

Pipe Protection and Anti-Corrosion

Corrosion in pipes occurs when the fluid inside the pipes has high levels of oxygen and increases the chances of rusting. Consider adding an anti-corrosion measure to your pipes. End-to-end anti-corrosion coating systems, each designed for various operating temperatures, environments, and types of pipeline.

These are just a few of the tools to utilize in order to save the pipes and prevent you from having deteriorating equipment. That is why utilizing items like a pipe thread protection cap and drill pipe protectors can help secure your oil production for many years to come.

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