How Proper Pipe Protection Positively Impacts Your Business


If you’re in the oil business you are aware of just how vital it is to have pipe in good working order at all times.  The need to have access to uncompromised pipe is why most businesses have implemented the use of pipe protection products when it’s being used, when it’s being transported, and even when it’s being stored. Protection is an investment, but it is also an investment in a safe, effective, and efficient business.

Pipe Protection Applications and Their Impact

Today there are pipe protection products that will ensure the safety of the pipe and the people using it in all settings.

Transport.  Pipe makes its way across countries and continents every day to be used in various aspects of drilling.  The map below shows the vast amount of storage facilities and areas of production in North America alone.

national energy and petrochemical map
Figure 1

When you consider the vast amount of oil production going on at any one time, it makes sense to protect pipe as it makes its way from one place to another.  Arriving on-site to find that pipe is damaged can cost a business time and money.  Protecting pipe with bumper rings, , pipe handling systems, and pipe chocks during transportation can help ensure the delivery of undamaged pipe.

Storage.  The improper storage of pipe can also lead to costly damage over time. There are many forms of pipe protection to help eliminate the damage that comes from storage.  For instance, there are storage and handling systems that help to ensure that the pipe is organized, free from contact damage, and ready to use at any time.  These systems are ideal for use in the warehouse and during transport as they help to eliminate improper pressure, friction, and movement of the pipe.

Safety.  Oil itself can be inherently dangerous, but it is often in the handling of oil such as drilling, transporting, treating, or storing where human error can occur causing devastating accidents.  Below is a chart that shows oil and gas fatalities over time.

histogram of distribution of oil and gas fatalities over time
Figure 2

Oil and Gas Fatalities Over Time

In any business, people are an asset, so it’s important to protect them like you would your pipe or other investments.  Pipe protection can offer the pipe itself and those handling it much needed protection.  Products such as lifting bails that allow the pipe to be moved more easily, stabbing guides that aide in connecting string of pipe, and storage and organization solutions ensure that people are as safe as the pipe.

Additionally, thread protectors, pipe chocks, and bumper rings will help to protect the integrity of the pipe, which also helps to protect groups and individuals who handle them when drilling is occurring.  Unknown damage to the pipe can cause accidents that injure workers and cause job stoppages, so when the pipe is protected employees are also more protected.

Extending the Life of Pipe. As previously indicated, pipe is an investment so taking appropriate steps to make your investment lasts as long as possible simply makes good business sense.  Much of the damage that occurs to pipe is done in transportation, storage, or the rough handling that is inherent to the industry.  When you protect the pipe in these areas you will extend its life, which works to protect your bottom line.

Boosting efficiency and effectiveness. Taking the proper measures to protect your pipe in all stages of its lifecycle, you will also be ensuring the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your business.  When you transport pipe to a job site with certainty that you’ve taken all appropriate protection measures, your operations are more likely to run on time.

Investing in Your Future with Pipe Protection

If you are new to pipe protection you may worry about the cost of protecting your pipe.  This is a valid concern as any successful business must balance its profits with its expenses.  Yet, when you look at the applications of pipe protection and their far-reaching implications within your business, it is a good business decision to protect your assets (pipe, people, time, and money) any way that you can. Pipe protection products are vast and apply to all companies, no matter their size, operating budget, or scope of work.

Let MSI Help You Protect Your Business, Your Assets and Your People with Our Quality Products

Pipe protection technology is a necessity for those working in the oil and gas industries.  Preserving and extending the life of valuable assets is key to providing sound products and services efficiently and safely.  Safety, efficiency, and maintained value are important in these industries and pipe protection is essential to reliable operation. MSI is proud to provide the latest innovative technologies in pipe protection that have been tested for maximum results.  Contact us today for all your pipe protection needs.


Does pipe protection protect your business?

Does pipe protection protect your business?


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