How Sucker Rods Play a Role in Oil Production


Sucker rods are the primary parts of oil and gas production. These 25- to 30-foot-high grade steel rods use an up and down motion as part of a sucker rod pumping system. The rod is threaded at both ends, allowing a tight connection. This connection joins the above-ground and down-hole components of a well together.

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Sucker Rod Pumping Systems are Essential to the Oil Production Industry

Historically, sucker rod pumping systems have been used as an artificial lifting system in oil wells longer than any other type of pumping system. It is also the most widely used.

When this pump system malfunctions, companies experience downtime, shut off pumps, and experience a financial loss. Therefore, companies need to protect their sucker rod couplings from damage, especially during transport. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies products include economically priced sucker rod caps.

Below are three ways sucker rods impact oil and gas industries:

  • Keeping wells operational: Wells may flow naturally, but sucker rods help keep wells flowing much longer.
  • Mechanical lift: Sucker rods provide the mechanical lift needed to bring fluids to the surface.
  • Energy production: Sucker rods facilitate moving kinetic energy down the shaft, allowing the pump to work freely.

Many types of equipment and parts are used in oil and gas production. The sucker rod has one of the most vital roles in maintaining consistent production. It is the primary tool that pulls the needed fluid from the ground. Maintaining the most critical piece of equipment in the toolbox is essential to keep pumps running.

The Oil Industry’s Top Supplier in Production Equipment Protection

Companies understand that if wells dry up, so do their profits. If you can’t pull the natural resources out of the ground for consumers, there is no business to be had. Protecting production equipment, pipes, and threaded assets is vital to staying open for business. When considering vendors for the best protective equipment for your sucker rod caps or plugs, look to MSI Pipe Protection Technologies.

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies protects an oil and gas company’s expense and investment in the tools and parts needed for oil and gas production. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies products have become an industry-standard because quality matters.

Find out more about MSI Pipe Protection Technologies and how they can protect oil and gas components.


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