The Importance of Pipe Packaging Frames


Providing adequate pipe protection during transportation and storage requires highly specialized solutions, like pipe packaging frames. When pipe bundles are bound for an oilfield, drilling operation, or another important project, it’s extremely important they arrive at their final destination on-time and undamaged so they can be utilized efficiently.

Product Quality Matters

Raptor pipe packaging frames™ are comprised of profiled segments. The number of segments in any system is dependent on the pipe size, so any size and length of pipe can be easily accommodated. Each system requires the use of four frame assemblies, each of which can be secured in place after loading using threaded studs and locking nuts. This ensures that pipe of any size will be held snugly in place during transit. This snug fit is essential, as even a small amount of movement could wind up damaging these valuable materials.

Each segment of these highly specialized pipe packaging frames is fabricated using steel beams. This material is used so the entire system will remain rigid even under stress. To further increase the safety of valuable equipment, and even more valuable personnel, the system can be fitted with reflective strips. These are placed on both the top and bottom of each side of the assembled system.

Standard & Customized Sizing Matters

Nine standard sizes are available, ranging from 2-3/8″ all the way up to 7″. However, pipes that do not fit comfortably into a standard frame can still be safely accommodated via MSI’s custom-manufactured systems. At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we understand the importance of getting pipe secured and handled under the safest conditions; therefore, we can create frame sizes according to your company’s specific requirements. This way, any job requiring drill pipe protectors can be completed with less trouble. Companies should keep in mind that the wire transit slings will require test certification.

Reliable Handling Systems Matter

Running a drilling operation is already a complicated affair. Moving drill pipe around the site without risk of damage shouldn’t be the most challenging part of the operation. Luckily, with the right equipment, it doesn’t have to be. If your company is interested in learning more about transporting, storing, and handling pipe safely and efficiently, be sure to contact the company with plenty of industry knowledge, experience, and who continues to set the leading standard in pipe protection… MSI!

At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we have friendly and knowledgeable staff available to answer any questions and make additional recommendations as needed. Learn more about our Raptor pipe packaging frames™ online, or call us to speak directly with a customer service expert at 877-276-9208.

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