Leading Innovation: Raptor Pipe Packaging Frames™


As MSI Pipe Protection Technologies continues to lead in the tradition of providing quality standards and product innovation, they are pleased to introduce Raptor Pipe Packaging Frames™. For more than 37 years, MSI has answered the call concerning the important need for developing various lines of high-quality pipe protection products that customers can trust to deliver consistent performance excellence, reliability, and above all, safety.

Packaging frames make for excellent pipe protection when pipe is handled, stored, or transported. When these actions occur without the appropriate protective precautions in place, pipe becomes highly susceptible to damage from impact with other pipe, or from its surrounding conditions. Any weakness in pipe represents a serious liability for the drilling company, as oil or gas leaks are environmental, not to mention financial, disasters. The frames prevent impact and corrosion by keeping the pipe immobilized and out of contact with other pipe. Therefore, it is essential to use a pipe storage and transport system that will keep the pipe completely stable and safe. One of the most effective solutions is pipe packaging frames.

How Raptor Pipe Packaging Frames™ Work

A packaging frame designed for use with heavy drill pipe, or even tubing and casing, is composed of molded segments that fit into a steel frame. The segments are made of a high-density plastic and reinforced with steel beams that extend at each segment. Pipe is loaded onto the frame so that each joint fits into a molded recess that matches its diameter. Segments are made in a range of standard sizes- from 2 3/8″ to 13 5/8″; however, companies like MSI Pipe Protection Technologies can also customize frame sizes to meet customer specifications. Once a package has been assembled, bolts are passed through holes in the steel bars at the end of each segment and fastened with secured fastening nuts.

Raptor Pipe Packaging Frame™ Benefits

Pipe packaging frames are beneficial because they are easy to assemble and are safe to stack, as the bottom segments of a package interlock with the pipe on top of the package below. Because the bundles can interlock, the whole storage system is completely stabilized and secured. Another significant benefit is the fact that they can be reused many times, and the component materials can be recycled when they’re no longer in use.

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