Little Pipe Chocks Make a BIG Difference


The required pipe and tubular goods used in oil and gas can be costly, and sometimes difficult to store, ship, and handle; therefore, they must be properly protected. Investing in pipe chocks is a great way to protect your most valuable drilling parts and equipment. The true beauty of little pipe chocks, is that they can make a big difference when it comes to protecting your bottom line. Below are 5 ways that pipe chocks from MSI Pipe Protection Technologies makes that difference.

Chocks Can Increase Safety

A shifting load can cause a devastating trucking accident that spills cargo all over the roadway and leads to multiple collisions. The usage of pipe protection products during transport and shipping is crucial to a truck’s stability. Moreover, these inexpensive, small yet durable, molded metal and plastic parts can prevent serious injury, loss of life, and enormous expenses.

Prevent Lawsuits

Today’s society is a litigious one, and many injuries give rise to lawsuits. If the other party’s attorney can show that pipe transit and storage products were not used when required, the oversight can be costly. While some users see these products as an unnecessary expense, the additional expense weighs far less than the payout of even a minor lawsuit.

Protect Valuable Pipe

MSI’s high-quality pipe protection products are reliable, easy to use, and durable enough to stand up to the tough conditions found near gas and oil pipelines. A cracked or broken pipe can present a serious safety issue; yet, chocks are an easy way to hold slippery pipe in place, while also maintaining the integrity of each pipe.

Solve Storage Problems

Large oil drilling rigs present numerous pipe storage difficulties. Frequent inspections and increasing government regulations help to ensure the safety of oil and gas drilling operation and its workers. Un-chocked pipe and oilfield tubing can easily be shifted, which is problematic on a busy, dangerous oil rig. With these little products, posed challenges are swiftly and inexpensively resolved.

Affordability and Simplicity

Pipe chocks are relatively inexpensive, yet they’re an important part of an oilfield’s pipe protection program. Chocks are intended to be used between layers of pipe, and they can easily be nailed in place at strategic points to facilitate transport and storage of oil country tubular goods.

It’s our honor at MSI Pipe Protection Technologies to be considered one of the world’s pre-eminent thread and pipe protection vendors. Our ISO-certified, high-performance parts serve various interests in the water, mining, gas, and oil industries. For additional information on pipe chocks, and other tubular goods and services, request a quote online, or give us a call at 877-276-9208. We are always happy to help!

MSI has the perfect pipe protection products for your needs.

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