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Magnum Thread Protectors for Heavy-Duty Protection


As you know, pipe threads are easily damaged when pipe is being transported for use and subjected to the rough environments the oil and gas industries are known for.  Luckily, thread protectors can work to protect your pipe from harsh conditions.  Choosing the right level of magnum thread protection will extend the life of your pipe and ensure they are always in the best working condition.

Magnum Thread Protectors: Simplifying Heavy-Duty Thread Protection

MSI's Magnum thread protection (or heavy-duty protection)

If you’re like many business owners or product managers, you know you need heavy-duty thread protectors, but you want to keep it simple. This protection knowledge is why MSI offers the Magnum line of thread protectors. Our Magnum thread protectors provide the heavy-duty protection your threads need from the harsh environments they are sure to encounter as well as impact resistance. Magnum’s robust design is an excellent option for rugged, domestic storage and is ideally compatible with MSI’s ToughTORQ Installation Tools.

Magnum Thread Protector Features and Benefits

Heavy-duty thread protection doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming, instead, you can keep purchasing simple with a product that will perform.

This product line offers some great features and benefits you won’t want to overlook:

  • Offers robust thread protection with all grades of pipe
  • Reliable impact protection and sealing abilities suitable for long term storage and handling
  • Lighter weight than composite or all steel designs
  • Available in recessed liftable and non-liftable designs
  • Available for API connections in casing sizes 5 ½” – 13 3/8”
  • 100% recyclable

MSI: Providing the High-Quality Pipe Thread Protection You Need

At MSI we work to provide the widest range of pipe protection products that will meet your every need.  Our Magnum product line represents only a small portion of our commitment to keeping your assets safe.

Learn more about protecting your pipe in storage or during transport and handling,

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