Making Thread Protection a Part of Your Business Success


As a business in the oil and gas industry, you know your equipment needs to be in great condition to perform well and safely.  This is precisely why more businesses have made thread protection a necessary part of their overall business plan and strategy for success.  When you protect assets consistently, you’ll find that business runs more smoothly and predictably.

Ongoing Orders of Pipe Protection Products

thread protectors It is easy to put off ordering pipe protection because there are always time-sensitive issues to deal with, but the best way to protect your tubular assets is to have ongoing orders for the pipe protection products you need. This ensures that you always have high-quality pipe protection products on hand that will keep your tubular safe while in use, in transport, and while being stored. Additionally, this ensures that any made-to-order purchases have sufficient time to be produced and prepared to your specific needs.

Setting up ongoing orders will ensure that even if one thread protector or pipe chock has reached the end of its life, you’ll have a high-quality product to replace it as needed.  Having pipe protection on hand ensures that there is never a gap in the protection of your assets.

Return on Investment

There has long been an attitude that pipe protection products were nice to have but not necessary.  Yet, high-quality pipe protection offerings have shown a true return on investment.  When you are utilizing products that are made from the highest quality materials you’ll find that they pay for themselves over again by keeping your assets safe We often tell our clients to view thread protectors like an insurance policy; a little spend to prevent major spend should any damage occur. Tubulars that are protected will last longer and perform more reliably, meaning the investment in pipe protection is more than worth it.

MSI Can Offer You Peace of Mind

Are you ready to begin protecting your tubular product in a manner that will extend its life and make it even more reliable?  MSI is ready to help!  We offer a complete line of pipe and thread protection products that will protect your most valuable assets.You can view our catalog now and if you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us and let us know how we can help!


MSI has the perfect pipe protection products for your needs.

Browse our online catalog, call, or email us for more information.

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