MSI 2018 Global Petroleum Show Highlights


to Jay Bookman, MSI’s General Manager for PPT in Leduc, “The GPS show went over very well once again…” At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we’re always excited to attend the Global Petroleum Show (GPS), which takes place in Calgary. Not only is GPS one of the world’s largest energy expos, it’s also the best event in Western Canada. At each gathering, energy companies of all sizes have the opportunity to network with a wide range of customers in one spot.

MSI Booth Highlights

This year, we were happy to display a shared booth with MSI Pipe Protection of Canada. Our booth display consisted of customized graphics to highlight some of our most popular product lines in the industry market. Companies from around the world are still benefiting from our top-quality products like the Tector and Tector Plus line (best suited to the Canadian climate). We also showcased Ultra products for premium connections and color options; as well as stabbing guides (DS40) with displayed item information.

Networking Highlights

MSI’s attending staff had the honor of being able to meet and network with many of our customers in the Canadian market, like Evraz, Tenaris, Shawcor, Argus, and Hi-Tech. Visiting with these companies, along with various new clients, yielded productive talks of new opportunities. In fact, each year, the Global Petroleum Show hosts over 18,000 companies from more than 92 countries around the world. Networking opportunities are quite exciting, as industry players come together to showcase technological advancements and innovative trends in oil and gas.

During the 3-day show, MSI was able to explore some new opportunities. Even more, we were able to connect with a few international opportunities for Mexico and Australia. As with all our clients and potential customers, we look forward to developing positive long-term relationships and to serving your advanced pipe protection needs.

Hot Topic & Industry News Highlights

The hottest topic at the show this year was the discussion on the possible trade war brewing between the US and Canada. As with most businesses in the industry, everyone is wondering how this will all pan out. Furthermore, we’re contemplating how this could affect the industry as a whole, and the impact on various businesses.

As it stands, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies and other industry leaders are in “monitoring mode” concerning trade talks. We’re all watching closely to see how and if trade issues between Canada, US, and Mexico will be impacted, especially since we hold business locations in all three countries. The NAFTA agreement is a key factor in the movement of goods between us. As such, MSI will continue reaching out to customers, vendors, and our customs brokers to stay up-to-date with the latest news and what the impacts will be.

Want to see more highlights from GPS 2018? Learn More: Global Petroleum Show Website

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies will continue to provide a market-leading product line, along with a quality assurance that provides you with the greatest value on your investment. See our entire line of pipe protection products, freely request a quote online, or contact us at 1-877-276-9208 for orders and information.

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