How MSI Caps & Plugs Protect Your Investment


Like other piping materials vital to the oil and gas industry, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies understands that sucker rods are also subject to damage while being transported and during storage. Since sucker rods may well be stored for quite some time before or between uses, protecting them from damage is vital. Furthermore, since waste reduction saves money for producers, it pays to explore all possible options for preventing damage to pipe and other oilfield products. That’s where sucker rod pipe caps and plugs come into play.

Ease of Use is Important

Since labor costs must also be considered when choosing products, minimizing the amount of time necessary to install or remove sucker rod caps is also important. MSI’s sucker rod plugs, are carefully designed and crafted to be dependable and easy to use. The caps can quickly be applied or removed using simple tools. Which means oil field workers won’t need to worry about locating specialized tools when sucker rods are needed quickly. The plugs have a pull tab design to allow the user to easily pull the plug from the coupling before use.

Sizes and Materials

Since rods of various sizes are commonly seen on production sites, most components are available to fit a variety of rod types and sizes. Sizes typically range from 5/8 inch to 1 1/8 inch, and MSI will provide the sizes required for any application. The material used for the caps is a rugged linear low-density polyethylene specifically formulated to work well with sucker rods commonly in use.

Protection Products Save Money

Rather than viewing sucker rod caps and plugs as an added expense, many companies think of them as an insurance investment against damage. This is because the costs involved when rod threads are damaged can be quite high, as they must be repaired before use, or discarded. When rod caps or plugs are employed, the likelihood of any thread damage is essentially zero, which means producers reduce losses due to damage. Furthermore, since time is always of essence, schedules are easily adhered to when workers aren’t delayed by damaged materials.

MSI is a well-known provider of pipe protection products around the globe, so take some time to learn more about us! Our customer service team is happy to help. Looking for sucker rod caps and plugs or other products? Contact MSI Pipe Protection Technologies to explore available options; or call us toll-free at 877-276-9208 for immediate assistance.

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