MSI Embraces NEW Trends from the 2018 OTC Expo


The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is held annually during the month of May; and at MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we are always fortunate to join the thousands of oil and gas professionals who converge in Houston for what has become one of the largest oil and gas sector trade shows in the world. In addition to the millions of working professionals in our hometown, Houston has become an international hub for the energy sector with over 5,000 energy related firms in the greater Houston area.

This year’s conference focused in on a variety of key issues relating to the offshore energy industry- including technological advances, solutions incorporating safety and environmental concerns, and detailed summaries of regulations and economic conditions that can affect the offshore energy industry. Since the OTC ranks among the 200 largest trade shows held annually in the U.S., MSI is excited to share some of the new trends in pipe protection innovation, collaboration, and service that we are most looking forward to providing for all our clients and customers.

Advanced Technology

MSI team members and staff were able to test drive a computerized simulation of a manual drilling rig operation and an automatic drilling rig operation. Learning about the latest NOVOS technology from NOV (National Oilwell Varco), afforded us the opportunity to experience the number of operational steps and increased margin for error that rig operators go through when they’re performing these steps manually as opposed to using automated technology. These types of technological advancements continue to help ensure safety and quality assurance on drilling rigs. Visit NOV for more details at

<H2?New Trends in Thread Protection

When it comes to developing top-quality and custom pipe thread protection, MSI will always strive to remain an API standard leader. During the OTC Expo, we were also able to discuss some of the new advancements in thread connections coming on the horizon. MSI is especially excited to partner and collaborate with many of the key players in the pipe industry to help introduce what’s new and upcoming in the market to further provide quality protection and designs engineered with safety, durability, and reliability in mind.

Combating the Recycling Thread Protector Issue

MSI was posed with the topic on protector recycling from other exhibitors at the conference, which is not a market we are currently in. In fact, though some of our major competitors are in the business of recycling thread protectors, MSI is working to figure out how to combat this issue and come up with alternative solutions that avoid recycled protectors being resold for use in the field. Once again, our goal is to maintain safety and reliability of our products and equipment; this way, no producing company has to cut corners to protect their bottom line. That’s MSI’s commitment to you!

Developing NEW Relationships

At MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, we are dedicated to providing quality products and services. Part of what we do and how we do it involves the many complimentary businesses we work with and continue to make connections with to ensure these goals are accomplished consistently. During the OTC, we were honored to meet with various professionals and company members from around the world to discuss building potential partnerships for developing new and exciting products that could be introduced in the pipe protection market.

Connecting with MSI

We make it easy to connect with us! For more information and insight on our company and/or our products, call us toll-free at 877-276-9208 to speak with one of our service experts. You may also request a quote online now, or browse our pipe protection products line anytime!

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