How MSI Manufactures the Largest Offering of Thread Protectors in North America

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MSI produces more thread protectors in North America than anyone else. There are three simple reasons for this: MSI is committed to having the largest library of product line options to meet your specific needs and making API-compliant options, we have an in-house production operation, and our facility is designed to produce inventory faster than anyone. With so many advantages developed over decades of hard work, this is how we serve our customers with high-quality products and services.

MSI’s In-House Production Facility

For MSI, production quality and quantity are important factors for the success of customers. Because of this, we manufacture thread protectors in the US, Canada, and Mexico, in entirely in-house production facilities capable of making all of our products.

Our US manufacturing facility was built from the ground up to focus on production quantity at a level of quality that never wavers. We have a 140,000 sq.ft. combined warehouse and production space facility. All of our internal operations happen within this facility, from ordering products to shipping orders. Keeping everything in-house gives us control over the production process, which we focus on meeting deadlines and keeping customers happy.

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Production Quantity

While our storage area is massive, it’s the production speed that makes the biggest difference in our services. We produce more thread protectors than anyone else thanks to our state-of-the-art production operation that includes automated robotics systems on our injection molding presses and separate CNC lathe threading operations. MSI offers the largest injection press capacity in North America. Our teams are also diligent about perfecting designs and setting up machines to run correctly every time.

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Why Working With MSI Gives You an Advantage

Working with MSI to get the thread protectors and other products that you need gives you a competitive advantage when servicing your customer needs.  This is because MSI can deliver more products to you when and where you need them.

Improved Availability

MSI has the warehouse capacity to service you with parts available for shipment same day in many cases. Let MSI help solve your supply chain issues for your thread protector needs with our fast and reliable service and delivery options.

Focus on Quality

Having all of our operations under one roof means that we have a deep level of control over the manufacturing process. That means that we don’t let a single product that doesn’t meet our high standards out the door. Product quality is our priority here at MSI.

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Thread Protection

Build Your Advantage With MSI Thread Protectors

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