4 Reasons MSI’s In-House Management Leads to Better Service for You


MSI prides itself on reliable in-house management. Many companies out there will claim that they are the best at what they do, whether that is pipe protection, pipe storage, traveling, etc., while outsourcing one or more components, such as their materials, their products, and even their customer service. They will claim that they are able to do more without saying “how”. 

Customers want quality results that are fast and affordable. However, what happens when you don’t have everything under one roof? Outsourcing to third-party companies is normal, but you will run into issues. When outsourcing work, lost communication can occur, or maybe that third party isn’t giving you the quality you deserve. You can lose time waiting on communication because you might not be their top priority. Shipment delays can also waste time. What happens if you order from a company that doesn’t order your part until you order it? Worse yet, what if that company doesn’t even manufacture your part until you order it? You might be stuck waiting for a product with a delivery time of ‘TBD.‘ Your wait time only leads to more profit being lost or a company that “ships and runs” regardless of quality.  

How MSI’s In-House Management Benefits You

When a company keeps everything internal, they are able to maintain quality control and efficiency of cost and time. Here are four reasons why it is better to work with a company that manufactures everything you need with effective in-house management.


MSI's 'in-house' Risk Management

While this might seem like an obvious choice, when you have everything from research and development to post-sales all in one location, then when a customer needs something changed, you don’t have to jump through hoops trying to get a change. The client reaches out to their manufacturer, who reaches out to their third-party contractor, and in-between there is a lot of communication where details get lost. With MSI, you are partnering with a company that has everything you might need under one gigantic roof.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing high-performance products, from commodity resins to engineering-grade thermoplastics and polymer alloys. MSI makes all our products to meet all ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified quality and environmental systems.

As the world’s foremost manufacturer of thread and pipe protection products for the oil and gas industry, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies’ dedication to product innovation constantly surpasses our customers’ expectations.

Like no one in the industry, we produce and offer quality products that meet the different customer needs, including the API 5 CT Annex I Thread Protectors.

Working with a company like MSI, there’s no need to look elsewhere or for a third-party company. ​​The most common and essential risks are poor quality and extended deliveries, so the clients throw away all the work and need to have it done again correctly, up to the standards required by the company. Working step by step with a proven and reliable team reduces the risk.


When a company outsources its assembly team outside the company, this creates an unnecessary increase in cost and time. By manufacturing and assembling in the same location, you reduce the labor required to assemble your required part.  Furthermore, it makes sense to keep everything internal since the manufacturer knows their part inside and out. The manufacturer will understand how to build their components with minimal risk of failure. 

If a company outsources, they have to pay extra for things such as contract labor, writers, shippers, manufacturers, etc; however, if they have everything in-house, they can pass those savings on to their customers. Providing internal assembly to customers saves them both time and money.


MSI Pipe Protection now incorporates the headquarters offices, most of our production operations, and warehousing within our 136,000-square-foot facility. Our facility has a manufacturing capacity of 3.2 million protectors a month or 38.4 million protectors a year with a warehouse capacity of 11,000 pallets. By doubling the size of the previous location, our current facility allows for increased efficiency and better process to provide customers with superior service. Our expanded MSI facility features larger injection press capacity machines and high cavitation mold bases, with additional tooling capabilities for increased production rates.

MSI Pipe Protection is a global leader in pipe and thread protection because we promptly produce quality products without waiting on third-party suppliers thanks to our in-house management. MSI is stocked and ready to ship when you need a certain part or parts, whether that part is a pipe chock, our RHINO Tubular Handling System, or any of our various thread protectors. When you want to speak to someone, we have an experienced member waiting to assist you.


With qualified and bilingual customer service, we can understand your needs and help you select the right product, the first time. MSI has the facilities and expertise to assist your team with research and development as well. We can work with your team to manufacture a solution customized to your company’s unique needs. When sales are over, most companies consider that moment the end of the transaction, but not with MSI. We maintain close communication with our clients so that we can adapt to their changing needs.


MSI and NOV have learned to efficiently create quality pipe handling products through forty years of in-house experience. We are respected and trusted globally for our products and processes. We have all that you need and then some, with our customizing capabilities that can get you what you need when you need it. Whether it’s our RHINO Tubular Handling System used predominantly in the North Atlantic or our TECTOR thread protectors in Canada, MSI and NOV are globally well-known and trusted.  

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