pipe thread protection products: New protection measures

New Times Call for New Pipe Protection Measures

As new technological solutions come onto the market in the mining and oilfield services industries, companies frequently find that these new measures require new tools, new equipment, and new pipe protection OCTGs. Even more, the new investments for these updated operations are never less-expensive than the previous generation. However, with the right investments in various high-quality thread protectors from industry-leading companies like MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, businesses cannot go wrong in protecting their bottom line.

There is better reason than ever for companies to tighten up on material handling procedures in order to cut down on the costly and ultimately unnecessary wastage of supplies and equipment. One way to ensure this is to use only the finest quality pipe protection products available for preserving your stock of valuable inventory. Scrimping on inexpensive protective devices, or not using any at all, can result in ruining large quantities of very expensive drill pipe and oilfield equipment.

A Boosted Magnum™ Line

New alloys demand new thread protection, and that is exactly what MSI’s enhanced Magnum™ line of pipe protection is all about. These caps are intended to keep the elements out, no matter what sort of extreme environmental conditions they are subject to. Regardless of what diameter or type of thread you need, Magnum™ has the cap you need for every application.

Ultra™ Perfection

For applications where you need perfect CNC threads to produce an exact fit and prevent the slightest possibility of corrosive seepage, it’s wise to consider MSI’s Ultra™ line of thread protectors. All Ultra™ protectors feature a permanently hot-stamped ID number to maintain exact inventory sequencing without the danger of temporary adhesive labels falling off.

New MaxX™ Innovation

Our latest innovation in protective technology is the newly-released MaxX™ thread protector. These are, quite simply, the best protectors on the market. New resins. New, more shock resistant, designs. New stability ribs and stiffeners to help disperse and transfer impact energy. Everything we’ve learned at MSI, through decades of producing new and better thread protectors, is all built in to this one top-of-the-line product.

Your Reliable & Trusted Leader

At a time in the industry when it seems that change is the only constant, your company can still rely on MSI Pipe Protection Technologies to stay on top of all your thread protection needs. As industry produces new pipe technologies, we will be right there beside them with all the necessary new-and-improved thread products that will provide maximum levels of safety and protection well-worth the investment and long-term savings guarantee. Request a quote now, or connect with one of our experts directly at 877-276-9208.

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