Offshore Drilling’s Latest Technological Advancements


As new technologies are transforming offshore drilling, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies continues to advance in our design of drill pipe protection products. This, in turn, allows companies to enhance safety, boost production and operating profits. Producers are taking advantage of advanced technology to gain access to deep oil reserves found in low-permeability geological formations. Fortunately, with advancement, comes great investment savings, improved protection and safety standards for drilling equipment, and ultimate protection of lives and the environment in which operations take place.

Use of Polymers

Modern polymers used today in gas and oil can act as an effective insulation solution for pipelines, which is required in marine oil operations. These products provide a reliable barrier between seawater and oil flow lines, which helps reduce the risk of clogging and subsequent rupture of the pipelines. Moreover, MSI provides top-quality line pipe and drill pipe protection, as well as a number of various high-quality products that provide superior protection, and an added element of standard safety, that our clients can always rely on.

Polymers have been shown to offer additional benefits in oil and gas operations. These include:

  • Optimize the flow of gas and oil
  • Significantly reduce installation costs
  • Reduce dependency on steel during the construction phase
  • Enhance resistance against deep-sea pressures

Reservoir Robots (Resbots)

Reservoir Robots, aka “Resbots”, are used to examine conditions in oil reservoirs and detect any changes. These functions are key to the proper management of reservoirs. Resbots are small nano-robots capable of entering a reservoir and assessing the conditions inside rock pores. These robots are smaller than a human hair and can be injected into the well with water. They can analyze pressure and temperature readings in addition to assessing the different types of fluids found in the well.

Electromagnetic Heating Technology

Producers experience significant difficulty when extracting oil from deep underground to the surface. Traditional methods typically require energy and water to remove bitumen from the oil sands. Electromagnetic heating technology, however, simplifies the process by heating oil sands using radio waves. This technique uses less energy and eliminates the need for water during extraction.

Submersible Helicopter Models

Submersible helicopter models are used for underwater emergency training. The technology enables new staff members to train and prepare for emergency scenarios like helicopter crashes, which may occur at sea. The helicopter models allow the simulation of crashes into the sea.

As a prominent player in the industry, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is passionate about new technological developments and ways to continue improving quality assurance. Producers can always count on the top-performing high-quality drill pipe protection products offered by MSI to achieve their goals safely and efficiently.

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