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Various manufacturing companies, and businesses in the oil and gas industry, use plastic thread protectors to keep their products intact until they arrive at their destination; as well as to protect pipes from damage during their use.

Why Thread Protectors Make A Huge Difference

Though a thread protector may look like an over-hyped cap, this simple item is crucial to any business, as it can do amazing things that extensively save time and money. Even more, thread protectors can be made to match your specific needs- be it plastic or metal.

Protectors are essential for keeping the thread of your manufactured pipe intact. The friction that pipes can have with other pipes–or other shipped materials–can compromise the threads if protectors are not in place. The friction, in essence, can damage the precision of the thread. The difference is that the absence of protectors could translate into very unfortunate realities, either company pipes can arrive at their destination damaged, or threads and pipes could fracture or leak during use.

Kinds of Plastic Thread Protectors

Most businesses that wisely invest in high quality protectors understand that thread protectors are made from various kinds of materials with different degrees of durability and absorption. The need for different kinds of thread protectors is due to the various needs and purposes by which they are used. Though thread protectors can be made of different metals, many are also made of plastic materials, like hardened plastic, composite plastic, and polyurethane. The beauty of plastic protectors is that they can withstand different types of climates and weathering, as well as the recycling property that they have once they become worn.

Polyurethane is a polymer composite that is very strong. One of the reasons why these plastics are widely used by many manufacturers is because they can resist heat better than other materials. This is an important feature if the manufactured item is going to be exposed to extreme heat, either in transit or in storage.

Composite plastic is also widely used due to its strength and resilience. This is the kind of material that can best protect threads during high friction use.

Another type of plastic material that is often used because of its protective properties is hardened plastic. Although hardened plastic thread protectors are not very resilient, they have a superior function when it comes to protecting pipe threads against blunt force, perhaps a bit better than any other material. This is the kind of thread material that many companies will prefer when they are aware that their items may be exposed to rough transit conditions, or if the pipes will be stored in a hazardous location, such as warehouses or chemical plants.

Ultimately, thread protectors are essential to keeping pipes and threads intact during any situation or form of use. When pipes need to be stored at high altitudes, or near construction vehicles- like forklifts, it’s important to have plastic threads to protect against extreme conditions and possible blunt force.

These are just some of the reasons why plastic thread protectors are necessary and cost-effective. If you are looking for high quality thread protectors, look no further than MSI Pipe Protection Technologies. Click to shop products.

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