Perforating Guns: Using and Protecting Them


There are always times when your operational needs require custom protection for various oil and gas applications. In such times, you can rely on industry providers like MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, to meet your protection needs. For example, the perforating gun industry highlights a large need for such custom thread protection.

In well perforation, like with other oil and gas operations, the success of each phase of well completion has an enormous influence on the future performance of the well. To maintain the integrity of such operations, you first need to maintain the equipment and components used in each phase, including the threaded connections. In this case, the topic is perforating guns, which certainly require custom protection for threaded components.

What Happens During Perforation?

Perforation is the process by which holes are punched in the casing of the well to allow the sought-after resource to enter the well. Most perforations are made with high-energy charges, which are held in perforating gun carriers before use.

Engineers design perforating guns especially to hold shaped charges, which are then lowered into a well using a wired line. When the technician fires the gun electronically, holes are blasted into the casing of the well, allowing the particular natural resource into the well.

Types of Perforating Guns

Depending on the nature of the particular well, some technicians utilize expendable guns which are mostly destroyed when fired. With expendable guns, the debris falls to the bottom of the well. However, the most commonly used perforating gun is a hollow carrier, in which the hollow tube contains most of the charge debris.

Perforating guns come in a range of sizes and thicknesses to suit a variety of oil and gas applications. As such, with custom sizes and various applications comes the need for custom thread protectors. Companies like MSI specialize in ensuring that the threads for your reusable guns are maintained with durable custom protection and that all components of your guns remain moisture-free, keeping your charge intact.

Gun Components Are Crucial to the Success of a Perforation

Experts understand that the key to perforation success is to optimize the relationship between the perforating gun, the wellbore, and the natural resource reservoir. Their goal is to maximize well productivity by delivering the deepest and cleanest possible perforation at the right place in the wellbore, with proper orientation to the oil or gas reservoir. With strong and durable perforating guns, wells can be modified to bring the highest possible oil and gas flow.

In order for these industry experts to deliver successful perforations, a complete understanding of the reservoir’s rock type is required. They must also be knowledgeable of the fluids that will flow afterward. Different fluids, rock types, and pressure respond to perforating techniques in various ways. However, with the right data, operators can choose the right perforating gun and perforation method.

With MSI’s high-quality custom protection for your perforating gun threads, your operators are one step closer to successful perforation and good productivity. Connect with us for orders and information by requesting a quote online, or calling us at 1-877-276-9208.

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