Pipe Caps and Plugs Built for Lasting Protection


Keeping oilfield equipment in good working condition helps to limit production time delays and ultimately saves on overall operating expenses. In fact, damaged tubulars and sucker rods can slow down operations and decrease production. And this is why protecting these investments is essential. Pipe caps and plugs from MSI Pipe Protection Technologies will protect your threaded pipe ends that can become damaged during storage and transport.

Simple Measures to Avoid Costly Consequences

It doesn’t take much to damage pipe threads during transport.  Sucker rods and tubular goods can easily shift and bump against objects while operators are transporting them to production sites. They can also come in contact with debris from other tools and equipment pieces, which can easily damage the threads. Users can apply pipe caps on threaded male pipe ends for superior protection as they handle, move, or store equipment. This ensures that the threads remain safe from factors like impact, weather elements, and corrosion. Producers should also be sure to protect female pipe ends from the same factors, although you cannot see the threads. Using pipe plugs will provide an effective solution for preventing damage and keeping threads clean and ready to use.

When there is contact, pipe caps and plugs are simple and cost-effective measures that will protect your bottom line. Without them, your pipe threads and ends could succumb to dents, scratches, burrs and other forms of damage which will put a halt on production.

Keep Your Equipment in Pristine Condition

Each operation site ultimately needs to be ready to utilize their equipment and tubular goods on demand. When they have the proper pipe protection, operators are confident that their equipment will remain in good condition. And since time is critical, they can also have peace of mind.

For the best level of thread protection, it’s recommended to select pipe caps and plugs that fit snugly on the outside or inside of pipes. If using threaded protectors, your protectors should fully engage with the threads to ensure they remain applied during any transportation or storage. A snug fit guarantees the cap or plug will remain in place and offer maximum protection.

Providing Quality Pipe Protection

At MSI, we’re committed to offering you only the best in high-quality protective pipe caps and plugs. We provide a range of standard sizes for you to choose from, in a variety of OCTG, drill pipe, sucker rod, and premium thread connections.  Freely request a quote online, or contact a customer service expert for immediate assistance at 877-276-9208.

MSI has the perfect pipe protection products for your needs.

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