How Pipe Chocks Keep Companies in Business


Though they may seem humble, pipe chocks are an important part of the oil and gas industries. These parts are reliable, simple to use, and can stand up to even the harshest weather. A set of pyramid-shaped chocks can provide stability and safety during shipping and pipe storage, as well as other benefits. Chocks can be molded from metal or plastic resin; and these long-lasting, tough pipe protection tools should always be on hand.

Chocks are Crucial for Safety and Protection

Many parts of the gas and oil industries involve the use and transportation of heavy, long pipes, which can be made more difficult if the pipes are slicked with oil. Metal and plastic pipe chocks can stabilize a load of pipes, keeping them in place and safe during storage and transportation. Properly chocked pipes can keep workers and passersby safe, and they prevent the legal and personal repercussions associated with a pipe collapse on a road, in a warehouse, or on a drilling site. These oilfield products are instrumental in cost control and materials protection, as separated pipes are shielded from damage and corrosion.

Bumper Rings Add Another Layer of Protection

High alloy and chrome tubing require the highest level of protection. Bumper rings are a type of pipe protectant that’s easy to install, and they are made to meet the oil and gas industry’s strict requirements. A set of bumper rings can prevent pipe surfaces from touching one another during storage and transport; that, in turn, prevents corrosion and additional damage. To keep all the pipes on a drilling site safe, it’s important to also have plenty of pipe bumper rings on hand.

Look for an ISO Certified Vendor

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifies the processes of manufacturing pipe chocks and bumper rings and requires strict adherence to rigorous quality standards during the production process. Oil and gas companies should always seek companies like MSI. We provide the best combination of products and services and are committed to the safety of the environment, the public, and the workforce. Vendors are focused on meeting customers’ demands by ensuring all products meet or exceed ISO requirements.

If you’re looking to stay in business and maintain a good return on investment, it’s best to ensure that your bottom line is protected. MSI Pipe Protection Technologies offers only high-quality pipe chocks and other protective oil country tubular goods and supplies. Call us at 1-877-276-9208.

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