Pipe Packaging Frames for Heavy Duty Pipe


Any industry handling heavy duty pipe, or pipe of any length or size, now understand how pipe packaging frames have become so essential. However, as many of today’s production companies are constantly looking for ways to cut unnecessary costs, they may be overlooking material handling procedures as they move through this process.

Companies must regularly evaluate their pipe protection measures to prevent waste, damage, and loss of life and time. When they use inferior protective devices to cut costs, this frequently leads to damage or destruction of valuable pipe, and the need for replacement of these materials, which defeats the goal and increases spending. Yet, all of this can be avoided, and companies can reach their goals of cutting costs, eliminating waste, and preventing loss of time and life, by ensuring they use pipe protective measures of the highest quality.

How Are Pipe Packing Frames Beneficial?

Prevents Pipe Damage — While most heavy-duty pipe is made to be extremely durable, they often have weak areas prone to damage. For example, a drill pipe has threads that may suffer damage when it is transported or stored. In fact, this damage may even occur during regular use. The same is true of other types of pipe, and companies need to ensure measures are in place to prevent this from happening.

Provides Handling Safety – Safety is always a top priority when it comes to handling pipe of any kind, especially heavy-duty pipe. Although companies need to make certain the pipe remains protected throughout the transportation and storage process, worker safety is of greater importance, as the majority of pipe is both cumbersome and heavy. Additionally, pipe is often deployed in unfavorable weather, and this puts workers further at risk. With pipe packaging frames, the risks of employee harm are greatly reduced due to the frames’ easy application features and their secure hold on pipe.


Packaging frames for pipe are of significant help to many industries that transport, store, and handle pipe regularly. For example, the water well industry benefits from the use of these materials, as does the natural gas and oil industry. However, any organization that regularly makes use of heavy-duty pipe, or any kind of tubular piping in their daily operations, will benefit from the purchase of packaging frames. Other protective pipe materials help to minimize mold, corrosion and other issues that can occur with pipe. Ultimately, packaging frame applications help companies save time, money, lives, and their bottom line.

Raptor Pipe Packaging Frames™

Many companies turn to Raptor packaging frames from MSI when they need to bundle drill pipe, tubing, and casing to ensure they remain secure. MSI’s high-quality frames are easy to stack and ensure that no metal-to-metal contact occurs. High-density stacking is possible when this product is used, and the frames are extremely durable, so they can be used for years to come. Businesses can also maximize their storage room when using this product, as the options are unlimited. Most importantly, MSI’s packaging frames meet the pipe-handling requirements in all areas according to API standards. Many companies around the world have experienced the benefits and reliability of choosing MSI’s pipe packaging frames.

Production companies must periodically evaluate their existing pipe protection measures to ensure they remain in compliance. Thanks to advances in technology, compliance measures are continually being raised to ensure safety, protection, and more efficient operations. With the help of pipe packaging frames, companies can become and remain compliant at all times. For more information, contact MSI Pipe Protection Technologies at 1-877-276-9208.

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